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MSCI to provide investment tools for companies that affect biological diversity

MSCI Inc. It is launching investment tools as early as 2023 to track companies that contribute to biodiversity loss and deforestation.

The new screening tools will use thousands of environmental and climate data points with MSCI’s existing technology to access the company’s physical operations, the company said.

The offerings include the MSCI Biodiversity-Sensitive Areas Screening Index, which tracks companies with physical assets located in areas of high biodiversity value, such as forests, deforestation areas or species-rich areas. It will also launch the MSCI Deforestation Screening Index to identify companies that contribute to deforestation in their supply chains. This is the main driver of deforestation from direct work in hazardous areas or production or reliance on products, such as palm oil, soy, beef and wood.

“Global biodiversity challenges such as the spread of invasive species, land-use change and pollution will have a very real impact on the way companies operate in the near and long term.” Nadia LaineMSCI CEO and head of ESG products, said in a press release. “MSCI aims to help institutional investors understand risks at the portfolio level.

Financial regulations, such as the EU’s Biodiversity Strategy 2023 or the recent EU law banning products linked to deforestation, are putting companies in greater control of how they contribute to nature’s loss, MSCI said. The firm’s recent research, the 2023 ESG and Climate Trends Report, found that companies are underprepared for these types of regulations.

John Hancock started Equity Income Portfolios

John Hancock Investment Management He unveiled new asset class models for investors focused on US equities, international equities and broad fixed income markets.

The organization that is part of it Manulife Investment Management, announced the three-year anniversary of its launch of multi-asset model portfolios. The portfolios are powered by John Hancock’s research on Manulife’s open architecture.

John Hancock is introducing new equity and fixed income models to meet clients’ portfolio implementation needs. Steve DeRoyanJohn Hancock’s associate head of retail product said in a release.

We are seeing increasing demand for home-office and third-party models as advisors realize the efficiency and flexibility offered by model portfolios. Katie Baker, head of John Hancock Model Distribution, said in a release. “We believe our core value is access to a proprietary, experienced asset allocation team and the ability to exit from affiliated investment managers.”

RBC launches US mutual funds with exposure to emerging and developed markets

RBC International Asset Management It launched two new mutual funds that offer exposure to global markets: RBC International Equity Fund and RBC International Small Cap Equity Fund. The funds provide U.S. investors with equity exposure to emerging markets and developed markets.

The RBC International Equity Fund invests primarily in mid- and large-cap companies worldwide, excluding the United States. The fund derives its decisions from RBC GAM’s European and Asian equity investment experts who seek to identify strong companies that demonstrate high and sustainable profitability, the company said.

The RBC International Small Cap Equity Fund adopts the same investment philosophy and process as its mid/large-cap counterpart, the RBC International Equity Fund, and uses investment insights generated by RBC GAM’s investment teams. London And hong kong. The fund provides foreign investors with exposure to small companies in emerging and developed markets America.

FundFront brought a third liquid alternative investment product to the market

FundFrontLondon-based alternative investment platform, launches its third liquid alternative investment product.

The investment product was launched in partnership with California. Dipsea Capital And it goes by the name of DIPC. The product is designed to produce low-volatility income fund returns and captures large market movements. In practice, DIPC provides exposure to Dipsey Capital’s tactical relative value strategy by trading short-term US equity options against momentum stocks.

“Investors are looking for ways to find alternative sources of return beyond stock and bond portfolios for real diversification.” Amin NajOne of the three founding partners at FundFront said in a press release. “This product provides qualified investors with a simple and easy way to access Deepsea’s sophisticated investment strategy, which was previously only available to ultra-wealthy and institutional investors.”

FundFront DIPC follows the launch of the company’s IMMS and HACO products earlier this year, in line with FundFront’s aim to bring more liquid alternative investments to the platform. Fundfront provides investors with the widest selection of over 26,000 private funds and professional fund managers, the firm said.

Led by Dipsea Capital Christopher AntonioHe founded the company in 2002.

PGIM Investments to Close Quant Solutions Fund; Initial value and multi-asset ETFs

PGIM investment It plans to close and liquidate the PGIM Quant Solutions Strategic Alpha International Equity ETF (PQIN), designed for long-term capital growth by picking stocks based on value, quality and volatility, according to PGIM’s website.

The last trading date for the exchange-traded fund will be January 9, 2023, and the last date for creation or redemption by authorized participants will be January 6, 2023, the firm said. The fund will cease operations, liquidate its assets and distribute the remaining proceeds to shareholders on January 13, 2023.

EFF is part of PGIM’s Quantitative Equity Expertise, designed to harness the power of technology and information as well as advanced academic research, the organization said. PGIM Quant Solutions manages portfolios in equities, multi-asset and liquid options and also provides contribution solutions with approximately $81 billion in client assets.

Separately, PGIM announced the launch of three actively managed ETFs: PGIM Jennison Focused Growth ETF (PJFG), PGIM Jennison Focused Value ETF (PJFV) and PGIM Portfolio Ballast ETF (PBL).

The new funds bring PGIM’s active ETF lineup to eight, the company said, aiming to provide PGIM’s investment strategies with increased transparency and greater tax efficiency. Stewart ParkerPresident and CEO of PGIM Investment said in a press release.

The fund’s investment strategies are broadly similar to its mutual fund and institutional strategy counterparts, PGM said. of PGIM Jennison Focused Growth ETF (PJFG) It seeks long-term capital growth by investing in a portfolio focused primarily on mid- and large-cap stocks that are believed to have strong capital appreciation potential. of PGIM Jennison Focused Value ETF (PJFV) It seeks long-term capital growth by investing in a portfolio focused primarily on large capitalization companies that are believed to be undervalued relative to their target value.

of PGIM Portfolio Ballast ETF (PBL) It seeks long-term capital growth with reduced volatility compared to the equity market, the company said. PBL’s long-term goal is to capture the performance of the S&P 500 by averaging 60% of appreciating equity markets and the performance of the S&P 500 by averaging 30% of the declining performance of the S&P 500 over a market cycle.

Northern Trust partners with Solactive on Global Bond ESG Climate Index Fund

Northern Trust Property Management It is expanding its sustainable investment options by launching two global bond ESG funds and related indices in partnership with a German index provider. Solative.

of NT Global Bond ESG Climate Index Fund and the NT Global 1-5 Years Bond ESG Climate Index Funds Target issuers that portfolio managers trust to better manage environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and transition to a low-carbon economy.

To improve the ESG profile and reduce the carbon footprint of the fixed income portfolio, the funds apply different ESG approaches, one focused on corporate bonds and the other on government bonds, the company said. The strategies use the same investment process but have different duration targets, with the aim of enabling investors to manage their bond portfolios in a rising interest rate environment.

We believe that investors should be compensated for the risk they take on in all market environments, and as investors look to integrate sustainability features into their bond portfolios, we partner with Solactive to offer strategies that we believe are a compelling solution. ” Marie DizanisNorthern Trust’s head of asset management in EMEA said in a press release.

The NT Global Bond ESG Climate Index Fund and NT Global 1-5 Years Bond ESG Climate Index Funds serve as benchmarks for the strategies, measuring the performance of the global investment grade bond universe and integrating ESG scores and climate data with government. and corporate bonds in the index. The indices cover 25,000 bonds issued by central governments, government-related issuers and corporations, as well as debt instruments issued by developed and emerging markets.

Index funds are only available in Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Sweden, the UK and the Netherlands.


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