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The Quant Mutual Fund is focused on India despite the fall in the rupee and expects it to be a theme that plays into concerns in global markets.

“Despite the depreciation of the rupee, we are very bullish on India. The portfolio we have built is export-oriented, rather than the domestic economy,” Sandeep Tandon, chief executive officer of Quant Mutual Fund, told BQ Prime.

“This decade is Asia and Asia-centric emerging markets, and India in particular,” Tandon said. Highlighting the concerns on international markets, Tandon said that India-centric or India-dependent companies will play a theme.

Quant Mutual Fund, which has Rs 11,155.48 crore worth of assets under management, is valued as a thesis, Tandon said.

As emerging market is a value theme, it focuses on emerging markets rather than developed markets. India fits well into this global theme, Tandon said.


In terms of generating alpha, the fund house likes to produce as a “big call, India ten-year call”.

Indian dependent companies with export potential in the manufacturing sector will be a “bonus”, Tandon said.

The fund manager focuses on sectors revolving around manufacturing, including banking, capital goods, infrastructure, industrials, metals, and housing and real estate.

real estate

Tandon highlighted the areas of collaboration that could come into play. Cement is likely to be the biggest consumer among commodities along with metals, he said.

Tandon expects domestically oriented companies to do well, regardless of the supply-demand imbalance in the global market.

Public sector banks

Tandon is more bullish on public sector banks than stocks in the defense and energy space. This is because the former have many names listed, while Defense and Power have very limited names, he said.

While Tandon does not take a “negative” view on private banks, he says PSU banks have the potential to outperform.

“This parade has many legs and I think they have a big runway,” Tandon said, adding that the sector is going through its initial growth phase.


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