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After a successful rookie season, New England Patriots quarterback Mack Jones was destined to be even better in his second year.

However, due to offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels new offensive scheme dealing with high ankle sprains and mental mistakes, it was a season of regression for Jones, who fell in his last 10 NFL quarterbacks. NFL QB Index.

Ranked 24th this week, the growing pains surrounding Mack Jones will either make him a stronger leader moving forward or derail his NFL career…at least as a starter in this league.

New England Patriots QB Mac Jones must look within to find improvement

As’s Mark Sessler wrote in this week’s index, Jones has his own flaws to work on if he’s going to overcome a disappointing second year:

“Strange Monday night! Jones worked behind a scrimmage line and found himself running the show without Jacoby Meyers, a concussed DeVante Parker and an ankle-injured Ramondre Stevenson. In the midst of a stellar defensive performance by the Patriots, Jones threw an armbar, made another meltdown that was vaguely aimed at Matt Patricia, was later seen smiling at the coordinator, used Hunter Henry, threw a screen shield pass and did so much to help the Cardinals’ ghost ship.

It’s clear that Mack Jones is a better quarterback than some of the names ahead of him, like Colt McCoy, Taylor Heinicke and San Francisco 49ers legend Brock Purdy, but the problems with Patriots offensive coordinator Matt Patricia and his general frustration have put him right. where it should be.

With Patricia in his head, both literally and figuratively, Mack Jones must find a way to return to the smart football that made him a top rookie a season ago. He needs to rebuild the confidence that will allow more calls to throw the ball down the field. Jones has the opportunity to make more plays, as he did earlier in the year against the Baltimore Ravens and the Minnesota Vikings.

The Patriots need the leadership of Mack Jones to shine

New England Patriots

New England Patriots QB Mac Jones. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The games against the Ravens and Vikings were losses, but Patriots fans got to see what the offense can look like with the likes of Devante Parker and Hunter Henry taking the ball down the field. Despite an offensive line that has struggled with cohesion, the Patriots have enough offensive weapons for a good offense. They just need leadership from the quarterback position to be a more effective offense down the stretch.

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It sounds ridiculous that this late in the season, the team is still trying to figure it all out, but Mack Jones at least knows it starts with him.

“I think I always try to lead by example, just by working hard. Always try to do more, that’s what you can do and hopefully people will see that,” Jones told the media on Thursday. “I know it is, but I’m not a super, super talkative person, but I like being with my teammates and getting the message across. But at the end of the day, it’s all about enjoying the game and having fun, whatever you try, whatever you do. Sometimes you have good practice, sometimes bad. So like I said, you work it out and lead both ways. It doesn’t matter if you’re up or down. So just try to lead and be consistent and all that. “

This means less meltdowns during gameplay. If the New England Patriots are going to have a chance to clinch a playoff spot, they will not only have to beat McDaniels and the Las Vegas Raiders this week, they will have to stay positive heading into the final stretch of the NFL season. .

It starts and ends with Mack Jones on the offensive side of the football. If he can just find a way to get back to the football he played midway through his rookie season, the team will be fine offensively.

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