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Getting a seat in state management quota based on merit or medical and getting admission in any IIT is the aspiration of most of the parents when their child reaches class VIII. read more

Doctors, engineers, parents are killing their aspirations in the race to build wards

Thiruvananthapuram: In 2009, a Malayalam film, Makante Achan (Son’s Father) was released depicting the trauma of a young man who wanted to become a musician and singer but his village official father insisted on him becoming an engineer. Gave.

Son KC attends a coaching institute in Francis, which is considered to be a sure success institute in the state. Francis, the principal of the institute, is a strict disciplinarian and through CCTV he used to keep an eye on every activity of the students. In the end, the son, Manu, fails to clear the entrance, and his father, Viswanathan, is heartbroken and turns to alcohol for solace.

Manu moves out of the house and poses as a hotel waiter. But later father and son reunite, and Manu becomes a popular singer after winning a reality show competition on a local channel.

Most of the students of Kerala start their entrance exams from class VIII and join various admission institutes that have sprung up in the state. The focus has now shifted to Pala in Kottayam district, which helps medical and engineering aspirants clear the exam, just like Kota in Rajasthan.

The institute is attached to some residential schools where students from far flung places of the state like Kasaragod and Kannur can stay and learn the nuances of competitive sports. Students come to the institute which conducts the entrance exam for admission in the institute itself. The pass percentage of the students of the institute is high annually due to extensive drilling and coaching.

Many students complain of homesickness but the parents who have already dreamed of a better future for the child do not allow the students to come back to their homes and instead force them to stay in hostels.

Speaking to IANS, Sujith George (name changed), a physics teacher at a reputed coaching institute in Kerala, said:

“We are comfortably situated as far as allowances are concerned, and I get more than Rs 2.5 lakh per month as salary. didn’t want to be in the race for the U.S. but instead wanted to be in the liberal arts.”

“Parents would never allow them to join the profession of their choice, but instead forced them to continue in institutes to crack KEAM, the state-level entrance exam for engineering, along with JEE and NEET,” he added. Will force you to.”

With the coaching industry in Kerala averaging around Rs 1,000 crore per annum, institutes are booming in different parts of the state, inviting reputed teachers and paying them huge salaries.

There were instances in Kerala where a distinguished chemistry professor flew from one institute in Thiruvananthapuram to another institute in Kochi and then to Kozhikode.

There are teachers who fly to Dubai and Qatar for a week to teach at entrance coaching institutes in those countries that cater mostly to Malayali children living in those countries.

The aspirations of middle class parents, NRIs, government employees, middle level businessmen are to make their children top with most demanding professions both in engineering and medicine.

Getting a seat in state management quota based on merit or medical and getting admission in any IIT is the aspiration of most of the parents when their child reaches class VIII.

Manoharan Nair, a Thiruvananthapuram-based businessman who has sent his only daughter to a coaching institute in Kottayam district, told IANS:

“We worked day and night to keep the fire burning in the kitchen and finally we are now in a position to give a good education to our daughter. Last year maximum number of students from this particular institute cleared the entrance exam and took admission in prestigious engineering and medical college, so why not my daughter?”

“I have put her in that institute as she joined in class XI and the teachers informed me that she has a good chance of reaching the top bracket to get a merit seat for medicine.”

This is the aspiration of most of the middle class parents in Kerala and they will do anything to fulfill that dream.

Interestingly, students are not only keen on pursuing engineering and medical professions and are instead opting for admission in law colleges, while some aspire to pursue Chartered Accountant (CA) courses.

But broadly speaking, more than 80 per cent of Kerala’s student community attends entrance coaching classes to crack JEE and NEET entrance exams for admission to IITs or engineering colleges and medical colleges.

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