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Mack Jones: ‘I’m so glad’ McDaniel’s experience appeared first on NBC Sports Boston

TUCSON, Ariz. — With Josh McDaniels on the horizon, Mack Jones was asked Thursday how the transition game under the former Patriots offensive coordinator led to the game under the team’s current setup.

“I think Josh was a great coach and we still have great coaches here,” Jones said. “You just have to learn from everybody. Whoever you coach, just learn from them. Everybody’s a little different. That’s what I learned at Alabama. I had different coordinators, but they ran the same system. That’s where we are. I’m just trying to learn from everybody here.

“Take something – the good stuff – and add it to your bank, whatever you can do. I’m really glad I got the experience. [McDaniels]. Obviously, this year, we worked on a lot of things and gained experience with the guys. They did a great job. Like I said, there’s crossover, but we’re also doing some new stuff. “

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There’s a lot of “newness” to the Patriots offense this season, which may be why the transition — results-wise — has been awkward. Not only are there new voices in charge of key roles on the offensive coaching staff in Matt Patricia and Joe Judge. But new language is involved, both in the language of offensive line calls and the playbook itself.

The Patriots did their best to adopt a West Coast-oriented offense in the offseason, which resulted in verbal changes and scheme changes. For example, in this new system, the Patriots prepared to run zone plays. They changed course in terms of that approach this offseason, and while they still use zone concepts, they also rely more on “gap” runs than they did in training camp.

Judging by the numbers, there was no result. The Patriots are 25th in EPA in punts per game in 2022 (-0.046) and have a 41.7 percent completion rate, which is 26th in the NFL. Through 14 weeks last season, the Patriots were 10th in EPA (.056) and sixth in field goal percentage (46.9 percent) under McDaniels.

Jones said he was looking forward to going up against his old mentor.

“I think Josh is a great coach, a great person, just a great leader,” Jones said. “He prepared me really well last year. Obviously, he’s had a chance to coach the football team and he’s done a great job. At the end of the day, we’re up against their defense…

“But he knows a lot of us. Obviously, we know them. Think it’s a good matchup. He’s done a great job there, watching them play, whether it’s a crossover movie or on TV. [He’s] Did a great job, played in a lot of close games that could have gone either way. It is a really good football team. We have to be ready to go.”


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