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Hyderabad, India, December 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Machine learning permeates many disciplines of engineering and technology. There is a growing need to quickly imbibe the foundations of this discipline in engineering at the undergraduate level itself and make it more affordable for students seeking to become proficient in the domain.

With such objective in mind, iHub-DATA, a technology innovation center established by IIIT Hyderabad, to assist technical institutes and universities (having academic autonomous status) to offer B.Tech (minor) degree program in Modern Machine Starting a novel mission. Learning from the academic year 2023.

In the past decade, the faculty of IIIT Hyderabad started involving themselves in shaping the curriculum, lecture materials and practical practical tutorials and finding ways to offer an efficient program that incorporates the fundamentals of modern machine learning . These discussions culminated in a 50-week program on Foundations of Modern Machine Learning, currently offered through iHub-Data to Indian UG students pursuing careers in engineering. With the wisdom learned from its association with these students, there is a growing realization that this program should also be introduced as a regular academic program of any University/Technical Institution.

Access to all essential learning resources including hands-on tutorial This will be extended to institutions agreeing to offer the short program – facilitating these institutions to offer it as a regular on-campus classroom programme. An MoU with iHub-Data, IIIT Hyderabad will need to be signed by the institutes willing to be a part of this network, who will then be able to offer courses for a block period of four years, starting from 2023.

More details of the short program and a link to register are available at

About IIIT Hyderabad: International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad (IIITH) is an autonomous research university established in 1998, focusing on core areas of information technology, such as computer science, electronics and communications, and their applications in other domains, through inter-disciplinary research Is. A huge social impact. Some of its research areas include visual information technology, human language technology, data engineering, VLSI and embedded systems, computer architecture, wireless communications, algorithms and information security, robotics, building science, earthquake engineering, cognitive science, computational natural science, and bioinformatics. Are included. IT in Education Technology, Power Systems, Agriculture and E-governance.



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