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Young said a big part of her outreach is to help students have positive experiences with science and engineering so that they may be interested in those fields in the future.

“Students may not fully understand the concept of kinetic and potential energy that day, but hopefully the excitement they felt is something they’ll remember, and maybe they can use that excitement to become an engineer in the future.” can be implemented,” he said.

IEC has committed to supporting STEAM initiatives in eastern Idaho, such as Night at the Museum, Engineering Day, Earth Day and other events. Youth volunteers also in those events.

The company also recently purchased a gas chromatograph for a local high school. Students use a gas chromatograph to separate compounds by vaporizing samples in order to identify and analyze the components of a liquid mixture and determine relative concentration. Chromatography can test the purity of medicine and food, among other things.

Approximately 100 students per year will get to use a gas chromatograph in the classroom to help them better understand intermolecular forces, which in turn will also help them be better prepared for future college and internships Is.

The youth-supported EM project must be completed by 2035 to meet a milestone with the state of Idaho. It is possible that one or more of the students he mentored in the STEAM program may eventually intern with the project or help bring it across the finish line.


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