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ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly (NA) on Thursday passed the Islamabad Metropolitan Local Government Bill, 2002, which seeks to increase the number of Federal Council from 101 to 125 and direct election to the post of Mayor and Deputy Mayor. .

The draft law was submitted by Shahadat Awan, Minister of State Law and Justice. Under the amendment, the number of Union Councils (UCs) will be increased from 101 in Islamabad to 125 to cater to the population in the federal capital.

The mayor and deputy are directly elected by the voters as joint candidates.

The amendment empowers the federal government to increase or decrease the number of trade union councils from time to time.

If the position of the head of the City Council is vacant for any reason during the term of office of the council, the Election Committee will hold a new election for the position of the head of the local administration.

According to the Statement of Purpose and Reasons, the Islamabad Metropolitan (IMT) Local Government Act, 2015, established a system of elected Local Government to devolve political, administrative and financial powers for effective service delivery through good governance and services. participation and engagement of people in day-to-day governance.

The Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation (MCI) is a municipal corporation established under the ICT Local Government Act, 2022.

Administrator MCI has proposed amendments to Sections 6,12 and 29 of the Act to increase the number of UCs to serve the existing population of Islamabad and to improve the procedure for electing Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

According to Article 11, the mayor and deputy mayors will be elected on the day of the election of members of the City Council.

Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali, the lone MNA of Jamat-e-Islami and Gus Bukhsh Mehr, opposed the bill, saying the move could delay the December 31 local body elections.


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