How will Josh McDaniels attack Mc Jones during their reunion? | Jobs Vox


Tuscon, Ariz. – No one knows Mack Jones as a quarterback like Josh McDaniels.

McDaniels studied it prospectively. He developed it as a rookie. Now, McDaniels is back to studying Jones, this time as an opponent, and the Raiders plan to stop him on Sunday.

And yet, dating, living and working together after a full season cuts both ways. So does Jones believe he knows how to attack McDaniel?

“Yeah,” the quarterback said Thursday. “Lets see.”

Then he laughed.

“They can do whatever they want,” Jones continued. “They can blitz the 11, none of them. What they want to do, you just have to read and react.”

It was McDaniels talking. An old lesson instilled in Jones last year, the idea that an offense can always be right because there is no such thing as perfect coverage or an impenetrable front. Every defense ever created has a weakness.


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