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The easiest way to save an image on a Mac is to right-click on the image and select Save image as in the pop-up menu. Then select where on your hard drive you want to save it, rename it (if you want) and click Save The rest. Alternatively, you can hold down the Control key and also click on the image to bring up the same menu. You can also screenshot the image, use the Snip tool, or use Preview to convert the file to an image.

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Right-click or Control-click to save the image on your Mac

The easiest way to save an image on a Mac is to right-click on the image. A small menu with save options will appear. It is common Save image asBut as you can see, there are other options, including QR code generation, Google image search, and more.

Right click save image of mac

selection Save image as Brings up a Finder box. Navigate to the location where you want to save your image. If you want, you can give the image a name before clicking The rest.

mac storage image finder

Save an image to your Mac by taking a screenshot of it

Screenshot on Mac

The next easy way to save an image is to take a screenshot of it. You may prefer this if the image is in an awkward format (such as WebP). Instead, the screenshot will give you a copy in your preferred format, such as JPG.

We’ve already written an extensive tutorial on how to take a screenshot on a Mac. But the two shortcuts you really need to remember are:

  • Command + Shift + 3 — This displays the entire screen. You can then take a screenshot of what you need.
  • Command + Shift + 4 — This gives you crosshairs where you can select the part of the screen you need.

Snipe tool

mac snip tool

macOS also has a built-in ‘snip tool’. This is more or less the same as Command + Shift + 4, except to get the snip tool, replace 4 with 5. Now a dot window will appear – move it to the part of the screen you want to capture and click shooting button. The Snip tool can also be used to record your screen if you’re doing a screencast.

Use the Preview app to convert the PDF file to an image

mac convert pdf to image

If the desired image is saved as a PDF file, you can convert it back to image format using the preview.

  • Open the file using Preview and click file at the top of the screen. If you now press the Option key, you will see a See it as Options. Select this.
  • Drop it below format in the menu and select the desired format. You can choose JPG, PNG, HEIC or TIFF for images.
  • Click on it The rest button and your PDF file will now be saved as an image. This also works for files other than PDFs that have an image inside.

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Frequently Asked Questions

By default, all saved images will be posted pictures Folder. To change the default download folder, go to your browser parameters. There will be an option to change the downloads folder. Note that if you use more than one browser, you will need to change this setting for each one.


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