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The New England Patriots offense has underperformed this year and finds itself at a crossroads with just three weeks left in the regular season. Either he quickly shows real improvement, or else the unit will simply run out of time and thus watch the playoffs from home.

Based on the season as a whole and the last few weeks in particular, though, there’s little to suggest the unit will finally get back on track. While there have been positive developments in some areas — turnovers, for example — the Patriots overall remain a base-level offense that makes mistakes you wouldn’t expect in late December.

The players and coaches involved have every right to be frustrated with the lack of progress, but quarterback Mack Jones said it’s all about trusting the process. The main thing for him to do this is not to let frustration boil over.

“I think it just comes back to trusting the process and doing everything you can to be a great player. Ultimately it shows on film,” the sophomore QB told reporters on Wednesday. , to all push the quarterback to do the right thing and make sure we’re all on the same page. We used to do it sometimes, but we just got this consistency.

“Obviously with myself too – just making sure of all my P’s and Q’s. Everyone needs to get on the next train. Everyone needs it. We work together, we communicate very well, which is important between players. At the end of the day, we have to go out there, compete with each other and play because we love the game. Respect for each other in our room is insulting. This is the most important part. “

While there hasn’t been any real concern with finding a common purpose or team leadership during the recent struggle — something that separates the 2022 Patriots from, say, the 2009 version — frustrations have occasionally reached the surface. It is not difficult to see why the current lack of positive results.

Jones, in particular, has been spotted multiple times letting off steam both on and off the court. He doesn’t see this as a problem, however, as long as it doesn’t affect his performance.

“That’s a big part of the game, playing with passion and emotion,” he said. “I think the best players on every team do that. You can’t let it affect your next game, that’s the biggest thing. It’s not. It’s all about fixing things in the game, right? So sometimes when they happen again , we just want to fix them and move on to the next game.

“It’s something that really — that’s who I am and that’s how I’ve always been. I want to be a great teammate, but I can be and be a leader as well. You want to show positivity as well. When we do well, I try to do that. We want to do more things well and try to improve what we are working on. That’s all you can do. This is a game. It shows you care. I think we have guys on our team that care. I’m really interested. “

Jones continues to say all the right things, but as noted above, the Patriots are running out of time: They will likely need to win if they want to make the playoffs, starting this week with a 10-4 loss against the Cincinnati Bengals.


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