How essential is your choice of mattress when it comes to getting ‘beauty sleep’?

‘Your face looks dull, did you not get your beauty sleep?’ From mothers asking this to science providing proofs, it has been well-established that ‘beauty sleep’ is no myth and it truly rejuvenates you.

After a long day of hustling, our bodies crave to heal. Moreover, sleep, along with nutrition and exercise, not only contributes to your beauty but also helps in maintaining good mental health, which is essential in actively executing everyday chores.

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Although several factors contribute to attaining a goodnight’s sleep, your choice of mattress could be the most essential of it all. We dive deeper into this by understanding the concept of beauty sleep, the importance of a good mattress, and much more by speaking with Dr Anant Gupta, senior pulmonologist and sleep specialist, and Priyanka Salot, co-founder of The Sleep Company.

Beauty sleep, its role, and how to achieve it

A beauty nap is feeding your skin and body enough amount of rest in order to recover. Experts recommend getting at least 6-7 hours of sleep at night. What sleep essentially does is keep the skin’s health intact by allowing cell regrowth and regeneration. Lack of rest reflects on the skin and can cause a host of problems like dullness, dark circles, acne, signs of premature aging, etc.

“As years pass by, your body gets tuned to not getting enough rest. And in their young days, one doesn’t realize the harm this can cause. But it all catches on as you start to age,” Dr Gupta warns. He notes how with constantly hustling infused into a person’s life, not everybody has the luxury to receive an apt amount of sleep in today’s time.

To curb this, he suggests taking a nap during the daytime whenever one gets a chance. “Utilize your weekends not only to socialise, but also to fill in the hours of sleep you’ve missed out on throughout the week,” he says.

How essential is your mattress in achieving beauty sleep?

Salot notes, “While a lot has been said about getting the right quantity of sleep not enough has gone into really elevating the quality of sleep.”

Dr Gupta highlights how for an entire day, the posture of a person is either sitting or standing. We overwork the spine and it’s only when one lies on their back in the night that the spine comes to rest. “Your mattress needs to provide the right support,” he says.

Salot adds, “We all spend an average of 26 years of our life on a mattress and a third of our lifetime sleeping. Sleep is crucial to fight diseases, develop immunity, as well as build our metabolism and prevent chronic risks. That knowledge in itself should prompt us to want to invest in technological innovations to elevate our sleep experience.”

Getting good sleep demands discipline. Investing in a good mattress, which supports the whole body while keeping the spine in a neutral position, is a measure that can be implemented immediately. (Photo: Getty/Thinkstock)

She urges, “Choosing the right mattress should be a decision made with the utmost care and looked at as a long-term investment in your mental well-being. Choosing durability, quality, and smart technology that is designed to help you not just relax, but also give a scientifically-proven elevated sleep experience, should be your priority.”

What to consider before opting for the perfect mattress?

Keeping in mind the skin and body’s needs, The Sleep Company lists three key elements before finalizing a mattress:

Ergonomic mattress – This type supports every part of your body in the right way for you to get comfortable, uninterrupted sleep. Temperature-sensitive mattress – This one adjusts not just according to your body temperature but is also adaptable to changes in the temperature of your sleep environment or weather. Hygienic, dust-resistant mattress – The technology behind this ensures the surface you sleep on has a distinct breathability quality and does not trap dust mites or allergens that can prove detrimental to your beauty regimen.

Dr Gupta and Salot conclude by explaining that getting good sleep often demands discipline and requires lifestyle changes. Investing in a good mattress, which supports the whole body while keeping the spine in a neutral position, and is friendly to your skin, is a measure that can be implemented immediately.

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