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Another area of ​​focus for McMaster advocates is promoting retention in the engineering workforce – which includes examining what engineering professionals are paid.

“We need to keep engineers in the engineering workforce longer and encourage those who have left the engineering workforce for a career break for whatever reason to come back,” she said.

“There are some amazing organizations like STEM Returners that do this and they have great success rates. And we want to provide mentoring opportunities for people at all stages of their careers to help encourage them to stay in the engineering workforce.” is required.

“And I cannot stress enough the importance of graduate programs and internships. A lot of our top graduates are working in the banking or management consulting sector, and we need to be aware of that.”

Migration and Workforce Planning

McMaster also draws attention to the importance of skilled migration, which engineers australia research has also been thoroughly investigated.

Australia must compete with countries such as Canada, UK and US to attract skilled talent from around the world, and some industries are already warning them lack of talent to extend.

McMaster revealed, “62 per cent of the Australian engineering workforce now includes people who were born overseas, an increase of 58 per cent from 2016.”

“We have long depended on skilled migrants, but only 40 per cent of skilled migrant engineers work as engineers in the country, which indicates that once they are in Australia it is really difficult for them to find work. I find it difficult. Engineer.

McMaster said the engineering sector must do a better job of supporting skilled migrant engineers once they are in Australia.

“It is great that the cap has been removed for skilled migrants, and it is great that more engineers will come to Australia, but that alone is not going to solve the problem,” she said.

“We also need to better support them when they are here to find engineering work. And that means networking opportunities and workshops on writing a CV for an Australian context; This means making employers aware of their conscious and subconscious biases; This means providing internship opportunities for them, and giving them opportunities to become aware of local standards.”

Finally, McMaster said that addressing demand and workforce planning was important.

“We need to do a better job at that and send that signal back to unis and schools so that students have a better understanding of jobs in the future,” she said.

“They can make more informed choices about what they choose to study at university, so that supply can better meet demand.”


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