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Denver, CO/ACCESSWIRE / December 23, 2022 / Wealth management is challenging; Smart wealth management is more difficult. After identifying the need for a highly skilled advisor in the field of personal wealth management, Brian Stein dedicated his career to helping successful executives, professionals and business owners achieve their financial goals, such as building wealth, minimizing taxes, and achieving their goals. A legacy you can be proud of.

With the trinity of real estate, accounting and finance, Brian stands out from most financial advisors. founded Beacon Personal Wealth Management With a unique blend of capabilities to help clients understand the importance of liquidity, it’s easy to turn investments into cash. Brian explains that liquid dosage can have benefits as well as disadvantages.

Brian has carved out a niche by focusing on what he calls the “fluid spectrum.” It’s a concept he introduced when talking to prospective customers. “At one end are people who are primarily illegitimate. Their wealth is entirely in real estate, or in their business. I can help by creating balance in their portfolios. I do this by building liquid investment portfolios such as stocks, bonds and ETFs on the other end of liquid. At the end of the spectrum, their entire portfolios consist of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and cash. And for some clients, that’s what they want and need. Eligible high-net-worth clients, when appropriate, like real estate, hedge funds, and private equity. “I recommend you add illiquid investments. The reason for adding these types of investments is to improve diversification and increase risk-adjusted returns. Institutions and endowment funds invest,” says Brian.

As a former consultant to corporations and institutions, Brian has observed that large organizations make different investment decisions than individuals (ie, retail clients). Until recently, retail investors were unable to take advantage of some of the wealth building and wealth preservation techniques used by institutions and the ultra-wealthy. Brian’s unique approach to wealth management has paved the way for him to develop strategies that bridge the investment gap between institutional and retail clients.

Brian’s career in accounting and finance began in 1996 after studying accounting at the University of Michigan. He started at Deloitte & Touche in New York, where he became a CPA. Later, he joined the global investment bank ING Barings. As a banker, Brian helped corporations raise capital, and advised on mergers and acquisitions.

Looking to add to his already impressive resume, Brian earned a master’s degree in real estate and construction management from the University of Denver. During the Great Financial Crisis, Brian helped start a real estate brokerage company. This company offers programs and solutions for banks and financial institutions that secure real estate.

Brian’s transition to using his skills in retail wealth management began in 2010. It was in 2012. His parents’ financial advisor fell ill and retired suddenly. Brian’s father asks him to refer him to a new counselor. According to Brian, “I know many good stockholders and insurance agents, but none of them had the full combination of stock valuation, tax deductions and real estate analysis that my parents needed. But I had those skills and more. Not only did it help, but my parents, like them, went beyond the traditional division of assets. They are looking for a highly qualified advisor.This set Brian on the path to retail wealth management, where his unique accounting, real estate and financial experience creates a powerful trio that benefits his clients.

About Beacon Wealth Management

Brian Stein was established Beacon Personal Wealth Management In 2015. The headquarters is in Denver, Colorado. The company offers customized retirement planning, business succession strategies, legacy planning, customized portfolio construction and philanthropy services. They have additional expertise in tax mitigation, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, hedge funds and real estate investments.

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