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Alexis McAllister will receive the World Cup on his fateful day.

The Albion midfielder is expected to play for Argentina tomorrow as they face France in the final.

During his stay in Doha, he was surrounded by family members and close friends.

His brothers Kevin and Francis sought permission from their clubs Argentino Juniors and Rosario to skip pre-season training at the weekend so they could attend the final.

Now the influential former coach, who is in McAllister’s close support group, has revealed how he copes with the biggest days of his career.

Gabi Di Noia coached McAllister at Argentino Junior during the Under-20 season.

He told the Argus: “Alexis took this tournament as something like never before.

“Yes, he knows his responsibility and will have the nerve to make sure all the players have important games, whether it’s against Brighton or Argentina.

“But he doesn’t look nervous.

“These matches mobilize him.

“I spoke to him at this tournament and he said it in his press conference before the quarter-finals when he said he was enjoying it.

“I listened to his press conference and what pleased me was that he was making the most of what was happening.

“When a player enjoys his football, always with responsibility, of course he does his job better.

“The key word for him is that he enjoys where he ended up.

“We drank mate (Argentine tea) together and he was calm.

“We talked, joked. He asked how we were.

“He was asking about his friends who were coming to the semi-finals.

“How was their trip, how is the hotel?”

“That says it all about Alexis.”


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