Happn wants to build a realistic metaverse: a realverse

One in three singles don’t like dating in the metaverse at all. This is apparent from a study by dating app Happn, which is about to develop a metaverse itself. 28 percent would like to get to know people within the metaverse.

From virtual reality glasses to pink glasses

So the idea is that you will run into a nice person in the metaverse, but that you will exchange your virtual reality glasses for a real life date without glasses for the real date. Well, rose-colored glasses maybe. Happn CEO Ben Abdelmalek: “Today, many people speak of the Metaverse as a new dimension that allows them to get to know people and take on a new identity.

“Yet our research shows that many singles still prefer a ‘real life’ encounter to really get to know their date. Our previous research also shows that singles envision the future of dating as something inherently social and human vision, with stimuli from real life in the foreground. We must not lose sight of that human touch.”

A realverse of Happn

Happn would like to develop a realverse. That is a metaverse whose experiences are realistic. So it’s not about a crazy fantasy world, but about authenticity. The realverse of Happn should provide a good, safe place for singles to connect with others. Here they can express their personality, after which an appointment follows in real life where they can see whether there really is a click.

That realverse must soon exist within the Happn app. Happn is a kind of Tinder, with the big difference that it is location-based. If you have been somewhere, or still there at the time, you can immediately get in touch with singles who were or are there too. In principle, the app is therefore already very focused on quick meetings.

Dating in real life

Abdelmalek: “We want to add more virtuality to the app, while respecting the need for authenticity; that’s what the realverse stands for. This allows us to welcome new technologies and innovation without sacrificing convenience and security for singles looking for a real connection.”

Happn hopes to ensure that the metaverse doesn’t just provide virtual love affairs, but also continues to allow people to meet in real life. Only then can you find out if you have chemistry.

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