Hackaday Podcast 197: Decoding VHS, Engineering the TV Guardian, and Getting Code Into Your ESP32s | Jobs Vox


This week, Editor-in-Chief Elliot Williams and Assignment Editor Christina Panos delight in the virtual virtues of Christina’s brand new, real (read: XLR) microphone before creating a podcast highlighting last week’s hacks.

In news this week, NASA returns to the Moon with Artemis I, and this time, it includes CubeSats. after that, it’s on what’s that sound The results show, Christina’s cheating scandal (premature listening) and Elliot reading the file name aloud before recording begins. Finally, we move on to the hacks – they start with a trip back to the ’90s both sonically and visually, and end with a really cool alarm clock that’s definitely ’70s, and definitely Hacked in appearance.

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Episode 197 Show Notes:


what’s that sound?

  • Sonic Was Moped Into An Industrial Crusher/Shredder, And Is A Winner [Borksniffer],

Interesting Hacks of the Week:

Quick Hire:

  • Elliot’s Choice:
  • Christina’s Choice:

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