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The Sindh High Court has reprimanded the Sindh government for not responding to a petition filed by Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi seeking devolution of powers to local governments under Article 140-A of the constitution. case, here on Tuesday.

The SC judge told the Additional Attorney General and the Local Secretary to submit their reply in the next hearing or face contempt of court. The court scheduled the next hearing on January 12, 2023. The judge observed that the continuous delay of some sections of the Sindh government indicated the desire of the respondent to prolong the case.

J Karachi Chairman Engr Hafiz Naemur Rehman then addressed the media outside the court and said that the PPP government of Sindh wants to enjoy the monetary and administrative powers of the local government of Karachi. He said the court accused the Sindh government of delaying the matter and warned that if the PPP government did not take the matter seriously, it would show contempt of court.

He further said that the JI asked the honorable court to do its due diligence in case the Sindh government refused to devolve its powers to the grassroots level. He expressed hope that the court will resolve this issue at the next hearing. He said that organizing local elections and transferring power is the need of the hour to solve the problems.

Hafiz Naeem said that the JI staged a 29-day sit-in outside the Sindh Assembly to devolve powers to local governments, but the protest ended after the Sindh government accepted the demand. He continued his letter that the Sindh government had changed course after joining the Muttahida Qaumi movement.

On the double standard shown by the PPP government in Sindh, he said that the regime receives NFC award for the province’s share of national resources but does not award PFC contrary to the spirit of the 18th constitutional amendment.

He said that PPP’s behavior towards Karachi and Karachiites clearly shows its enmity and deep desire to usurp the rights of Karachiites.

He said Karachiites were deprived of basic utilities like water and electricity even during winter. Similarly, a mega city of around 30 million people has abandoned public transport systems and lacks adequate transport systems.

JI leader Muttahida Qaumi criticized the movement for siding with the PPP only for corrupt money, favors, privileges, some ministries, as well as a few key posts, violating the rights of Karachiites. In this situation, he said, JI has become the only hope for a bright future in the metropolis that was once known as the City of Light and is now known as the center of problems.


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