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MacX DVD Ripper Pro

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Bring movies and TV shows to your physical media in the modern age by using MacX DVD Ripper Pro to create digital versions that you can watch on all your devices. And get it on sale for the holidays!

At a time when streaming movies and downloading TV shows from online services is pretty normal for most people, many people don’t think about the shows and movies they’ve bought before. Many people will have a pile of DVDs somewhere in the house, sitting untouched for quite some time, taking up valuable shelf space.

Instead of throwing away DVDs, what you can do is convert them to digital versions on your Mac for long-term storage. By making a digital copy, you have a backup copy of the content, just in case your physical DVD is damaged or otherwise unreadable.

In addition to backup work, having a digital copy of a movie or TV show means it can be viewed on more than one device. Once converted to MP4, this video file can be viewed on your Mac, your iPad, or even your iPhone, so you can take your media collection with you on trips away from home.

There’s also the issue of scarcity, because while there are plenty of streaming media services out there, not all the content you’re interested in will be available to watch. If you have rare or more obscure movies and shows that have been ripped from DVD, it will still be just as easy to watch as from, say, Netflix.

Mounting your DVDs on your Mac can also free up physical space occupied by the DVDs themselves. You can clear the shelves of DVDs and put them in storage if you have digital versions available, so you can make your living space more minimalist and less cluttered.

Enter MacX DVD Ripper Pro

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is a DVD Ripper for Mac. It is one that will allow you to rip DVD on Mac, convert the content from the disc to MP4 file in minutes.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro can be used to convert disc-based movies and TV shows into digital versions.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro can be used to convert disc-based movies and TV shows into digital versions.

There is a free trial version of MacX DVD Ripper Pro that you can get for your Mac, but there is also a special holiday offer for a limited time.

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  • 5KPlayer

Features of MacX DVD Ripper Pro

In short, MacX DVD Ripper Pro can be used to rip and convert any type of DVD content to most popular video and audio formats. Once done, this means you can play content that was on the DVD through devices that don’t have a built-in disc, including iPhones, iPads and most modern Mac hardware, as well as Android devices, your car’s media player and set-top boxes.

The tool can accept any DVD, including both new and old discs and regional DVDs. It is also possible to extract content from damaged or encrypted drives.

Getting started with MacX DVD Ripper Pro is quick and easy

Getting started with MacX DVD Ripper Pro is quick and easy

This digitizer can be played in MP4, HEVC/H.265, H.264, MOV, FLV, MPEG4 and more than 350 other formats. It also has over 350 profiles, so you can directly copy the format and file size that’s perfect for the device you’re going to watch it on.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro can also perform 1:1 backup of DVD to ISO image and DVD folder without quality loss. As for the rip itself, the software does it very quickly, using Level-3 Hardware Acceleration technology to rip content from a DVD in about five minutes with the help of the GPU.

Advanced users can go beyond the standard profiles with the ability to tweak decoder/encoder settings for their specific application. For example, you can change output settings based on video and audio codecs, bitrate, frame rate, aspect ratio, resolution, and more.

There are also additional tools for trimming videos, cropping frame size, merging clips together and adding subtitles to the video to make the experience even better.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is also frequently updated with improvements and new features. For example, the latest update to version 6.7.1 adds profiles for the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro models, as well as image quality optimization for HD TVs.

DVD backups can also be created from discs you own.

DVD backups can also be created from discs you own.

Improved DVD analysis core with structure protection and LaserLock for processing DVDs and better handling of disc mastering errors.

There were also performance improvements, including increased speed for converting DVDs to 1080p resolution and converting to HEVC using Apple Silicon Macs.

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