Gap’s NYC flagship packs up Yeezy products for destinations unknown

The Gap store in Manhattan’s Times Square wasted no time packing up its Yeezy-branded products.

After ending its partnership with Ye’s Yeezy label last month over his anti-Semitic comments, Gap Inc. said Tuesday it will pull all remaining Yeezy Gap products from its stores. Less than 24 hours later, the Broadway store, which had dedicated its entire ground floor to Yeezy Gap, was stripped of all merchandise from the partnership.

The entrance to the shop is now empty, with black floors and walls. There is not one remaining checkout table staffed. Store associates said Yeezy merchandise was packed and shipped to an undisclosed location Tuesday evening, and the main floor will revert to regular Gap merchandise by Oct. 29.

A company spokesman declined to comment.

It’s unclear what Gap will do with the Yeezy inventory it still holds.

Brands are used to burn unsold merchandise or ship it to countries including Chile and Ghana Advocates for more sustainable supply chains within the fashion industry have sought to end these practices.

Meanwhile, warehousing space in the US is limited as apparel brands struggle with bloated inventories So it might be difficult for Gap to hide what remains of Yeezy products.

The traditional resale market is also unlikely to be an alternative due to the sinking reputation of designers and rappers. Secondhand marketplace RealReal Inc., for example, said Tuesday it will “no longer accept items associated with Kanye or his brand.”

The end of Ye’s partnership with brands including Gap, Adidas AG and Kering SA’s Balenciaga “underlines the importance of vetting celebrities thoroughly and avoiding those who are overly controversial or volatile,” GlobalData plc managing director Neil Saunders said in a note. “Companies or brands that fail to embrace this will flounder, especially if they are overly reliant on a solid personality to drive their business.”

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