Funny animal photos? The winners of the Comedy Pet Photo Awards

The annual funny animal photos contest Comedy Pet Photo Awards has come to an end. Winners have been chosen from all over the world. No Dutch winners unfortunately. Especially the British, Americans and Japanese turn out to be very fanatical, talented animal photographers, because they mostly took off with the profit.

Comey Pet Photo Awards

Anyone who owns a cat is trying to take a cool cat photo. In themselves, cats often do their best to cooperate: they put themselves in precarious positions and sometimes pull the craziest faces. But yes, once you’ve grabbed your camera or phone, that moment is of course long gone. Still, some lucky ones manage to capture those special moments with a lot of patience and always their camera at the ready, according to the winners of the Comedy Pet Photo Awards.

We love to project our human behaviors and facial expressions completely onto animals. Walt Disney has even managed to turn it into an entire company. Animals are animals, of course, but once you’ve seen some of these photos, it’s really hard not to realize just a little bit that sometimes our pets are more like us than we think. In fact, there’s even a prize given to the owner and animal that look the most alike (Dave and Dudley, which you’re sure to pick if you check out the gallery below).

Tree tree

However, Dave and Dudley are not the winners of the competition. That’s Kenichi Morinaga with ‘Boom Boom’, two cats that seem to merge completely on a fence. In the dogs category, Jose Bayon won with his dog Nilo, who loves water. The happy horses of Radim Filipek also won prizes and the cigar-smoking alpaca that Stefan Brusius from Germany encountered manages to bring a smile to many faces.

Another prize winner is 9-year-old Freya Sharpe who snapped a picture of her cat stuck in the hedge and the winner declared by the public rather than the judges is Marko Jovanovic’s ‘snow dog’. They are all great shots that are great to scroll through on your Saturday. Not only will the winner receive £2,000, but £5,000 will also be given to a charity in his name.

Funny cat pictures

Kenichi, who also won ‘best cat photo’, is a photographer from Japan who enjoys visiting the small islands in the country and taking pictures of the street cats he finds there. His passion started when he got his own cat and first visited Europe as a backpacker. “Suddenly I was fascinated by the antics of cats on the street and had to photograph them,” he says. “When I returned to Japan I kept looking for them, they really cheer me up, especially after the last two years of the pandemic – they are so funny even when they do something serious.” Kenich will use the money to make more film trips to Japanese islands to capture even more cats.The goal is to make the world a little kinder. Also check out his Instagram account: @morikencatphoto

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