From ghee to sour foods and cooked meat: This is how you should store foods, as per Ayurveda

One must always consume freshly prepared food because it “not only tastes better but is also good for health,” Dr Anshu Vatsyan, Sanjeevani Ayurvedshala, Ludhiana told earlier. The expert further added that “consuming fresh foods will not only improve your fitness but also overall health in the long-term.” As such, one must always cook the right amount of food to avoid wastage and also the hassle of storing leftovers. However, this is easier said than done and we often find ourselves stuffing the fridge with excess food. But, did you know that Ayurveda has specific guidelines when it comes to storing food? Worry not, we are here to help you.

“Long before modern food storage solutions like fridges even existed, Ayurvedic sages had described how we can store food to keep it fresh,” Dr Vara Yanamandra, an Ayurveda expert, wrote on Instagram, adding that in Ayurveda, “specific utensils need to be used to store leftover food” to prevent it from going bad.

Take a look at what Dr Yanamandra suggested:

*Juices, cold drinks and syrups must be stored in silver vessels as they have a cooling nature which keeps the liquid fresh for longer. Agreeing, Dr Goyal shared that “silverware is 100 per cent bacteria-free and also retains the freshness of the things stored in it. It also does not react to acidic foods,” added.

*Ghee should always be stored in an iron vessel or jar.

*Sour foods like sauces and cooked buttermilk should be stored in stone vessels as stone does not react with sour foods, unlike metals. Dr Garima further suggested to “never store sour foods in iron vessels.”

*Wines, syrups and pickles should ideally be stored in vessels made of glass, rock, or crystals.

* Cooked meat should always be stored in silver vessels.

*Fruits and snacks should be wrapped in fresh leaves before they are stored for later consumption.

*Water stored in copper, silver, brass, and earthen pots is good for health. To this, Dr Goyal added, “Silver, brass, and copper have anti-microbial properties and prevent the body from water-borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, dysentery and hepatitis.”

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