Five dos and don’ts for better health this monsoon

Monsoon can give a hard time to many people as it is notorious for being the season of infections like the common cold, flu, fever etc. As such, it is important to take care of one’s health by following certain precautions and preventive steps.

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Macrobiotic specialist Dr Shonali Sabherwal listed some such dos and don’ts that one must follow in the rainy season. “Five things you should and should not do in the monsoon,” she wrote on Instagram.


*Drink boiled/filtered water
*Wash vegetables and greens well. “I soak them in apple cider vinegar for some time,” she said.
*Always drink warm beverages, nothing cold, she recommended.
*Make sure “meals are soupy and khichdi-like consistency and always warm”
*Supplement with vitamin C and probiotics through foods


*Eat raw foods. “They cool the body and keep it vapor from within,” she warned.
*Eat out as contamination in foods is high around this time
*Keep your hair wet after a bath
*Stay wet at all, especially keep feet dry
*Let still water be in any area for a long time, as the chance of anything spreading via mosquitoes is high

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