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The Institution of Engineers Malaysia says the cause of the landslide should be investigated under the leadership of competent engineers.

PETALING JAYA: The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) has called for a thorough investigation into the Batang Kali landslide, saying media reports speculating about its cause were immature.

Its president, Norlida Bunyamin, said it was deeply concerned over such media reports as they could create confusion among the public.

“Statements on the causes of landslides that have appeared in the media so far are premature because they are not founded on engineering science, soil mechanics or characteristics specific to disturbed ground.

“Therefore, they should be treated as purely speculative in nature and are only misleading the public,” he said in a statement.

IEM President Norlida Bunyamin.

Norlida said the cause of the landslide should be investigated by competent engineers with the assistance of other relevant professionals such as surveyors and geologists.

He said that a proper investigation was important to prevent similar incidents.

Norlida said that her organization is ready to provide its assistance and expertise in any investigation.

The Batang Kali landslide, which occurred in three camps at 2 pm on Friday, has claimed 24 lives so far. A total of 61 people survived the landslide.

Search and rescue operations are on for nine more people who are yet to be traced.


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