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University Park, PA – The Penn State College of Engineering School of Engineering Design and Innovation As part of this, the School of Engineering Design, Technology and Professional Programs has updated its name to strategic planning, The name was approved on November 14 and will come into force with immediate effect.

“The School of Engineering Design and Innovation better reflects the nature of our school as it has evolved over the last 20 years,” said David Majik, Head of School and Professor of Engineering Design. “By changing the name of the school, we are emphasizing the importance of design and innovation to produce holistic engineers.”

The school is similar to a traditional academic department, Mazick said, but it serves the entire college while cutting across traditional disciplines. About 85% of all first year engineering students take Cornerstone Engineering Design Course through the school, and many undergraduate and graduate students participate in engineering design and innovation programs throughout the Commonwealth. The school, currently located in the Hammond Building, will move to a new dedicated location in Engineering Design and Innovation BuildingFormerly West 2 Building, in 2023.

Undergraduate offerings include certificates or minors in a number of areas, including Engineering design, engineering entrepreneurship, engineering leadership development And Human Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship, the school also sees engineering technology and commonwealth engineering programs, which include several associate’s and bachelor’s degrees, at Penn State’s Commonwealth Campus.

graduate students can also pursue Master of Science in Engineering Design or Master of Engineering or Master in Engineering through such programs Law, Policy and Engineering either Engineering Leadership and Innovation Management, Based on the school’s online graduation certificate and minors, Penn State recently approved a new Online Doctorate of Engineering in Engineering programs that the school facilitates through the World Campus. The first students started this semester.

According to Majik, the name change will neither alter the curriculum nor affect other academic units affiliated with the school.

“If anything, the new name will strengthen links between different programs, locations and campuses by improving awareness and understanding of how our research and teaching activities contribute to engineering design and innovationMajik said.

Justin Schwartz, Interim Executive Vice President and Provost Harold and Ing Marcus, who served as dean at the College of Engineering during the renaming plan, said the new name clarifies the goals and expertise of the school and its members.

“The School for Engineering Design and Innovation has evolved significantly over the past two decades, increasing and expanding their educational programming, research and impact,” said Schwartz. “The streamlined name creates brand identity to help current and potential constituents identify and remember the school as a leader in engineering design and innovation.”


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