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On December 17, Dakota, Drew and Dillon Tocco will begin a new chapter in their lives.

It’s not just that three engineering students are graduating from the University of Toledo. It’s also the first time that the Toccos — the triplets and “built-in best friends” — will be moving in different directions for their full-time jobs at different companies.

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Celebration of Success: Toledo recognizes the Class of 2022 with a series of stories featuring students receiving their degrees in early fall.

Dakota Tocco, who will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering, has accepted a full-time position with General Motors in Toledo as a controls engineer.

“My days at the University of Toledo have been nothing short of extraordinary,” he said. “The engineering program at the school is unmatched. The co-op program not only prepares you for full-time employment but also increases your chances of getting hired right out of school. Dr. (Raghav) Khanna, Dr. (Roger) King, And professors like Dr. (William) Evans have also had a great influence on my career and success at the University of Toledo.

King, professor emeritus in electrical engineering and computer science, said, “Dakota Tocco has demonstrated the skills that will allow her to meet and excel at any challenges that may arise as a GM controls engineer.”

Drew Tocco, who holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, has accepted a full-time position at Monroe Environmental Corp. in Monroe as a project scheduler following graduation.

From left, Dakota, Dillon and Drew Tocco.

“Even during the difficult times of the COVID pandemic, I was still able to make lifelong friends and have strong relationships with my professors while attending the University of Toledo,” Drew said. “One professor I have really looked up to throughout my time at Toledo is Professor Dr. (Douglas) Oliver. He has been an influence on my brothers and I here and is always there to offer advice whether it be for engineering or for normal life.

“I would have to say that my favorite part of the engineering program at Toledo is the field experience I gained during co-op,” Drew said. “I am currently in my fourth co-op rotation, doing two of them at RW Beckett and two at Gerdau Steel. Being able to see how engineering is out there in the field is just as important as the education we get That’s why I believe Toledo was the best place for me.”

Oliver, professor emeritus in mechanical engineering, described the brothers as, “Competent, hardworking, charming, honest – I’d hire any one of them on the spot.”

Dillon Tocco, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, has accepted a full-time position as a process engineer with General Motors Brownstone Battery in Brownstone, Michigan.

Dillon said, “My experiences at the University of Toledo have been wonderful and I will cherish them for the rest of my life.” “From soccer games and design projects to friendships and class life.

From the left Dakota, Dillon and Drew Tocco.

He further added, “Through the fellowship program, I was able to learn a lot of information that will surely help me in my future career.” “I have been able to spend my time in Cleveland helping the product engineering team at Consolidated Precision Products, an aerospace manufacturing company. I have also been able to spend some time this summer with the quality engineering department at General Motors. Learning from some of the biggest companies in my respective industries has helped me grow my knowledge as well as my relationships. The University of Toledo has done a great job of encouraging me to connect with those around me And I believe it will pay off in the long run.

Long before the brothers decided in high school that they would all major in engineering, their parents, Dan and Andrea Tocco, were there to help and cheer them on.

“We have watched our sons not only grow in their education, but have seen them grow into young men mature, independent and ready for the world beyond school,” he said. “Our boys have worked very hard and have been on the Dean’s List all four years. We are indebted to the University of Toledo and to the professors who have dedicated their careers to educating our future generations.

“Thank you again for paving a smooth path to our children’s future.”


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