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FLINT, MI – An engineering firm accused of negligence during the Flint water crisis has agreed to settle a civil lawsuit filed on behalf of four children who claimed they suffered brain damage as a result of exposure to city water. Had happened.

Lockwood Andrews & Newman has agreed to an undisclosed settlement in the US District Court case, an attorney for the company told MLive-The Flint Journal on Thursday, Dec. 15.

By settling the lawsuit, LAN will avoid the costs associated with rehearing the case, which deadlocked a federal court jury in August, resulting in a mistrial.

New York attorney Corey Stern, who represents the four children, declined to comment after the filing of a motion to seal the proposed settlement on Dec. 9.

The motion states that by sealing the settlement, their clients will be protected from exposure to predators, exploitation, undue anger, jealousy and public attention, and that the dissemination of information in the settlement and its accompanying documents will be protected. There is no compelling public interest. ,

In this case the settlement was filed under seal on behalf of one of the children, whom the motion identifies only by his initials.

The motion states in part, “If the infant plaintiff is exposed to decide part of the lawsuit, it will potentially generate unwanted anger, jealousy, and attention that could dramatically affect her and her social status.” I could put you in danger.” “In addition, the infant plaintiff will now and throughout his lifetime be exposed to hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of people who may not have his best interests in mind, and who may seek to take advantage of or victimize him based on their knowledge of the settlement. Can try to…

“Anyone’s interest in this agreement that is not directly related to it will be rooted in selfishness, greed, gossip and/or opportunity.”

LAN was one of two engineering firms filed by four children in the aftermath of Flint’s water crisis. A civil class action lawsuit is also pending in federal court.

In the first Belvester civil case, attorneys for four children claimed that Lan and another engineering company – Veolia North America – were partly responsible for the high levels of lead in Flint water and for the injuries suffered by the children because the companies were not professional. was negligent. Advising the city on its water system.

The children alleged that the companies failed to strongly recommend treatment of Flint’s water to make lead pipes less corrosive throughout the distribution system and to warn residents about the potential for elevated levels of lead in their water. failed.

In the first trial, the companies questioned the children’s injuries and said only government officials were to blame for the water crisis.

Wayne Mason, an attorney for Lan, confirmed that the company has reached a settlement with the children.

Mason’s message stated, “The first Belvester trial found no blame against Lann, and avoiding the significant costs, expenses and time of another lengthy trial, the parties were able to reach a mutually agreed resolution.” Was,” says Mason’s message.

The Journal could not immediately reach a representative for Veolia for comment on its future plans in the case Thursday.

Both LAN and Veolia initially opted to allow a jury to decide what, if any, liability they had in the case, rather than have the state of Michigan, city of Flint, McLaren-Flint Hospital Join the $626 million settlement that was paid. and Rowe Professional Services.

In the first trial, jurors deadlocked after hearing dozens of conflicting witnesses over nearly six months.

Jurors in the case reported that they were deadlocked after six days of deliberations and told the court that continuing with the trial would affect their “physical and emotional health”.

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