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The Secretary of Economic Development and Labor (CEFOET), Ernesto Herrera Novello, in an interview for Peninsular Punto Medio, talked about the areas of opportunity that exist for Yucatecans in the labor sector for engineering and information technology careers, as well as the critical labor supply. is for Present in Yucatan, from work in home office mode to a wide range of labor inclusion.

He highlighted that there are currently 15 thousand workers registered with the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in this sector, and it is expected to increase to 7 thousand new jobs by 2023, as it is currently the number of vacancies .

How has it promoted employment growth?

Engineering and Technology has added 15 thousand new jobs this year alone, this is the reason why jobs have increased, this is the reason why the critical mass of IMS has increased in the state, because globally these jobs are the best paying .

What actions is the state taking so that more youth study these careers and how to expand the labor market for these jobs?

For example, Accenture in Valladolid opened an innovation center in Tecnológico de Valladolid, now we are opening another center in Tecax in the southern region, and with this we already have 200 positions each and 600 in Mérida. , and they’ve just told us they’re going to go for 200 more in cyber security.

The Polytechnic University of Yucatán already has an engineering degree in cyber security and we have developed a curriculum with them so that young people who train with them can leave.

Yesterday we were in Tizimin, we went to a ConLeap because WebHelp’s customer service is very intensive and we want kids to be able to fill those positions when they graduate, but we need them to know English and be immersed in technology, i.e. why they will have one year for training and when they leave high school they can start working in these fields.

We have this strategy in line with the state’s English agenda, as we have already seen that there is a demand for bilingual people in the automotive, aerospace and information and communication technology sectors.

What was the biggest example of this?

The company Uchiyama was one of these, which is in Hunukama, it is an automotive company that took the entire first generation of the Polytechnic University of Yucatan (UPY), from where they graduate speaking English and become engineers in robotics, mechatronics and systems, but With the major difference that they give up on speaking English; This is why the company established itself in Yucatan.

The first generation was trained in Japan and the United States, but they are all working in a company that was established in the state.

And do we have enough English speaking staff?

We have 25% of the population who speak English, we are well above the national average and we want to go further, because we have seen that the market demands our profile and the great success of this administration is opening the door for new companies. and they tell us what they need, that’s why we’re adding these careers to the schools and the schools are very quick to respond,

Anahuac, Marista and Modelo have joined these systems, but we are also looking for these opportunities in public schools, which is why we have invested in workshops and laboratories for design, innovation, cyber security, etc. Because private schools don’t have the number of people graduating to fill the positions, that’s why we need public schools to fill these economic positions, that’s why we bring in companies, so that the State of Yucatan Can live and work in.

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