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Mysore / Mysore: Members of the Mysore district unit strongly protest against the huge fee hike in government engineering colleges adso (All India Democratic Students Organisation) staged a sit-in in front of the Deputy Commissioner’s office here yesterday.

Claiming that the state government had increased engineering college fees by Rs 5,000 last year, the protesters said the fee has been increased by Rs 10,000 this year, thus increasing the fees by Rs 15,000 in just two years Which is very harmful to the interests of poor students aspiring to do engineering in government colleges.

Alleging that the fee hike is an anti-student move, which also reflects the government’s open commercialization of engineering education, they urged the government to roll back the fee hike immediately and cancel its policy of increasing fees every academic year. demanded.

AIDSO officials Subhash, Swati, Chandrakala, students Pritam, Pankaj, Ronald etc were present.


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