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The massive 5-foot creation with stained glass lookout windows and a balcony made of frosting and fondant in the window of Elmdorf Baking Supply & Cafe in Cambridge. The three-story structure is mostly pieces of gingerbread crafted from templates and created with tools, including glue guns that have been adapted to work with sugar. This is the third year a group of volunteers – engineers and artists from the area – have contributed more than 100 hours to building an architectural delight. “It’s a labor of love,” says Will Hall, designer and a software engineer. “It’s an extraordinary group of people.” Parker Porfilio, also a software engineer, helped with the design, while artist Amy Lu contributed her creative vision. Engineers Caitlin Gallagher and Jacob LaRocca and community advocate Remy Huerta spent days baking and assembling a gingerbread village. Through the store window, visitors can see the 400-pound structure (which includes a 200-pound inedible base) with candy cane beams and a blue frosted steeple. The main house and cookie castle are surrounded by an icy blanket of marshmallow fluff and snow sugar. The rocks are made from fondant, which is a type of rolled-out icing. The structure also lights up, thanks to electrical engineer Blake Skinner. “This is a project for the community,” says Hall. “And everyone gets excited to see us make it.” The store plans to maintain the structure through March 1. At that point, it is unlikely that anyone would want to nibble on it. 594 Cambridge St, Cambridge, 617-945-0045, [email protected],

Ann Trieger Kurland

Ann Trieger Kurland can be contacted at [email protected].


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