ECP initiates division in Punjab LG polls | Jobs Vox


ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has started delimitation of local constituencies in Punjab.

According to the ECP, district boundaries have been frozen and the transfer of officers involved in the demarcation process has stopped across Punjab. The Election Commission has issued a directive to the Punjab government saying that the boundaries of the administrative units cannot be changed.

The guidelines prohibit the transfer of election committee appointees and election committee conveners. Moreover, the work of the election constituencies of the local administrative bodies of the Union Council is also proceeding rapidly.

The constituency committee of the election committee will make the constituency of the union council. It also said that the demarcation of union councils would be done on the basis of districts, tehsils, patwar constituencies and revenue states. Thus, the commission has started the work of determining the electoral district of the union council.


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