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The Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC)/Public Works Department (PWD) Rota Naval Station (NAVSTA) manages the facilities and infrastructure around Rota. Through multiple divisions and departments – and with a strong workforce of active duty, US citizens and local national employees – the team maintains facilities, provides energy and water to buildings, manages long-distance construction projects , and provides crane support to deployed ships. ,

Brian Seward
The Public Works Department (PWD) Rota’s Facilities Engineering and Acquisition Division (FEAD) is responsible for most military construction projects (MILCON) occurring around installations. At the heart of most of these projects is Brian Seward, Project Management and Engineering Branch (PMEB) chief for the PWD Rota.

Seward has served for NAVFAC for 18 years, and has been with the PWD Rota FEAD since 2017. Throughout his career, he has participated in major major high-visibility NAVFAC projects including the new Camp Pendleton Hospital, which cost approximately $500 million, and the NAVFAC Headquarters. Building at the Washington DC Navy Yard.

Here at Rota, Seward manages about 40 concurrent projects (including MILCONs) in any given year. In this calendar year alone, they have managed work-in-place (WIP) of post-award projects worth over $50 million as well as pre-award projects worth $28 million. Managing a team of 22 personnel spanning the Design and Engineering Division and the Construction Management Division, responsible for taking various major projects to the finish line, including the installation Air Traffic Control Tower and the new NCTAMS Communications Center.

The many recent award-winning projects mean an exciting time for Seward and his team, but also a great responsibility to execute them in a timely manner. Some of these projects include the new air terminal for Explosive Ordnance Disposal and the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion, and the Expeditionary Command Headquarters and Support Building. As these new facilities and projects come online, it will make a huge impact for the base’s personnel and tenants!

Marie Carmen Dominguez
Environmental specialist Mari Carmen Dominguez of the Public Works Department (PWD) Rota worked on the installation for over 36 years! She started her career with the PWD Rota in 1986, where she was working on the Trouble Desk in the Facility Maintenance Department, where she was given collateral duties for hazardous waste disposal recordkeeping. This was during a time when there was no environment division, and environmental compliance inspection was not centralized within the PWD.

In 1993, NAVSTA Rota conducted its first external environmental audit where Dominguez was recognized as a key in demonstrating the installation’s compliance with Spanish hazardous waste laws. After the PWD Environment Division was officially formed in 1994, Dominguez and the Director of Environment constituted the entire division. Together, they managed more than 20 programs including hazardous materials, hazardous waste, spill prevention and response, solid waste, drinking water, wastewater and tanks. She quickly became a “jack-of-all-trades”, meeting the demands of responding to spills, performing tank inspections, overseeing the storage and disposal of hazardous waste, as well as accepting each new challenge. Is.

Until his retirement in November 2022, Dominguez was recognized as an expert in hazardous waste, hazardous materials, medical waste and pesticide programs, and was frequently called upon by field staff to provide subject matter expertise and historical context in any given situation. used to go. Many of the establishment’s policies and procedures used at NAVSTA Rota were actually developed from the start by Dominguez.

As an Environmental Division Plank holder, Dominguez was instrumental in the establishment’s receipt of the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Overseas Installation Environmental Quality Award in 1999, 2002, 2006 and 2016. Major achievements include establishing a procedure for the offloading of shipboard hazardous. Leading the refurbishment of the waste and hazardous waste storage area of ​​the establishment.

BUC Brian Wong
The bulk of the Public Works Department (PWD) Rota organization pertains to the production division accounting for over 300 personnel in three branches: Facilities and Maintenance, Utilities and Energy Management (UEM), and Transportation.

CBs and civilians from the Facilities and Maintenance Branch can be seen completing quick construction and repair projects around the installation including masonry, carpentry, or custodial work. The only CB locksmith of PWD Rota is also included in this branch.

The UEM branch ensures that the base receives uninterrupted water and electrical service with Seabees stationed and supporting incoming vessels with those two key services at the wharves.

Personnel in the Transportation Branch range from government vehicle dispatch crews to weight handling crews, and you probably see them on piers (and around bases) lifting heavy objects to support the missions of deployed ships.

At the heart of production operations and CB employment is Chief Builder Brian Wong. After joining the PWD Rota back in 2019, Wong served as both the production chief and senior enlisted leader in the PWD Rota. During his time in the PWD Rota, Wong vouches for the personnel resources, adequate training and additional equipment allocated, enabling the PWD Rota to support some of the most critical missions in the NAVSTA Rota.

He has had an impact on all significant developments requiring facilities support from the PWD Rota Seabees, and Wong has been the “go-to” man for most other commands that require facilities related support. The network she’s built over the years proved particularly helpful during Operation Alley’s Welcome in 2021, during which she carefully channeled manpower and resources into building a fully functioning camp for evacuees from Afghanistan .

Wong is a very “hands-on” chief who is often seen actively involved in other important events around the base. During the most recent Chief Petty Officer season in the NAVSTA Rota, he was the season lead for all training given to the Chief Selectors. Wong also operates the Builder Woodworking Shop at the PWD Rota where many fellow military members can develop their carpentry skills through the production of wooden pallets and other items.

Perhaps the most “assigned as other duties” assignment last year involved Wong’s involvement with the Seagull’s Nest position at the Child Development Center (CDC) on base. Knowing the effect on the children’s morale of not being able to access their playground, Wong moved the seagull’s nest away from the playground by hand. Needless to say, Siegel’s angry mob was not amused and he was relentlessly attacked!

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