Drinking water from an earthen pot can reduce acidity, according to an Ayurvedic expert

Earlier, earthenware was commonly used in kitchens. Called ‘handi’, it was a single pot used, especially in rural India, for storing water to cooking. The practice of using earthen pots has reduced today. Earthenware materials or terracotta sets are mostly found as show pieces in the home decor sets.

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Drinking water from an earthen pot offers a plethora of benefits that people are not aware of. This summer, start consuming water stored in an earthen pot instead of the cold water from the refrigerator.

Dr Dixa Bhavsar, an Ayurvedic expert, took to Instagram to explain a host of qualities that an earthen pot possesses.

The Ayurvedic expert shared that a lot of her patients started noticing significant changes in their lives once they switched to an earthen pot. Mostly, people facing heat issues such as acidity, migraine, burning sensation in abdomen and whole body, vomiting and headache felt better once they made a small change in their daily routine by consuming water stored in an earthen pot.

“Earthen pot is made from earth/clay which is one of the panch-mahabhuta (five elements) our body (and also this universe) is made of,” she explained in the caption.

The expert mentioned that earthen pot is best for summers since it helps in balancing dryness and heat in your body. Explaining how it works, she said, “According to Ayurveda, the earth with its soothing properties provides the primary protection to the body against the factors of heat (pitta) & movement (vata) because of being heavy and cold in nature.”

Dr Dixa elaborated on the various qualities of an earthen pot.

It is alkaline in nature

The Ayurveda expert said an earthen pot reduces the acidic nature or acid content of water by balancing the PH (potential of hydrogen). This serves as a great benefit as it helps to curb acidity and other gastric problems.

It boosts metabolism

According to the expert, earthen pots consist of materials that are free from BPA (bisphenol A, which is mainly used for making plastics). This helps in speeding up the metabolism naturally. “It is also said to balance your testosterone levels in your body,” she wrote.

Natural cooler and best alternative to refrigerated water

Clay pot cools the water naturally as it reduces the water temperature around 5 degrees, said the expert. Hence this is a best alternative for people drinking refrigerated water. Switching to an earthen pot is a must as you get chilled water naturally and it is also sustainable.

Prevents sun stroke

One of the most commonly-faced difficulties in summers pertains to sunstroke. Dr Dixa said an earthen pot keeps the rich minerals and nutrients intact in the water which in turn avoids sunstroke.

It’s a natural purifier

Water stored in a clay pot or an earthen vessel is said to purify the water in 4 hours, as cited by the expert.

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