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FOXBORO, MASS. The Patriots quarterback situation came under the microscope once again this week after several storylines emerged surrounding the second-year signal caller and his head coach.

In fact, so much attention has been paid to him that our betting partners at have posted odds on whether Mac will be benched at some point for the remainder of the season and whether he will remain New England’s quarterback next season. Look:

Will Mack Jones stick around for any of the remaining games?

No. 300

yes +200

Will Mack Jones be the Patriots QB of 2023 Week 1?

Yes – 150

Not +110

Bill Belichick was asked about his thoughts on Bengals quarterback Joe Burrows on Wednesday and told the media: “First of all, he’s tough. He is a tough kid. He’s going to stand there, throw the ball, hit the play. exact. difficult to solve. Manages the game well, sees the game well. … He’s impressive … making all the shots.”

He was then asked if Mack Jones would remain the Patriots’ starter until the end of this season, to which he replied, “The plan is to try to beat Cincinnati.” It’s a far cry from the praise for Burrow, and a far cry from the “Mac’s our Quarterback” mantra the coach has been delivering for so long in Foxboro.

If New England made a change this season, it would be for Bailey Zapp — who went 2-0 in two games with the Patriots — and has thrown for 781 yards, five touchdowns and three interceptions while also leading the way in passing. from 100.9.

If the Patriots plan to make a change next season, it might come through the draft. Quarterbacks Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud, Will Lewis and Anthony Richardson all project to be potential first-round picks at this point — and New England could likely land one of them if they finish 7-10 (which seems likely this At the time it is estimated. point).

The struggles this team endured in 2022 were far from Mack Jones’ fault. It’s been a top-down battle the entire time, and Mac just seems like a scapegoat at this point.

However, if New England wants to move on to the most important position in football – the answer has to be through the draft, not putting Zapp in the same situation that Jones has been unable to do for most of this season.

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