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JAMMU: Despite Lt Governor Manoj Sinha’s assurance that the interests of the people of Jammu and Kashmir will be prioritized and that the new land allocation process is progressive and structured, there are concerns from opposition political parties and various stakeholders across the union territory.

The Jammu and Kashmir government earlier this week notified the New Land Grant Regulations-2022, bringing tourism development authorities under the new rules and canceling all land leases granted under the now repealed Land Grant Regulations, 1960.

In the territorial jurisdiction of Jammu and Kashmir, the administration has decided to significantly expand the tenancy rules, remove the upper limit of land area, expand the purpose of land leasing and use all land portfolios. leases in online auctions, including those that have expired.

Except in certain exceptional circumstances, the new lease will be granted for a period of 40 years as compared to the previous period of 99 years. It may be mentioned here that the original Land Grant Rules of 1960 applied to a radius of 13 km from Purani Mandi in Jammu, Shergarhi in Srinagar and 16 km from all other urban areas and notified areas.

While political parties in Jammu and Kashmir have opposed the new rules as a ploy to arbitrarily evict locals on leased land, there is also concern among industrial unit owners in the union territory who see the rules as a game for their livelihood. , and of the thousands of people in their employ.

The Dispatch Addressed to the Secretary of the Commission, Head of the Revenue Department. Vijay Bidhuri and Secretary General of the Department of Industry and Trade, Prashant Goelheard their comments but did not receive any response. Anu MalhotraJammu’s director of industries and commerce is out of the country till December 17. Raman Kumar KesarThe Managing Director of SIDCO said that he had joined recently and had no knowledge of the matter.

Lalit MahajanThe president of Bari Brahmana Industries Association (BBIA) feared that the new land allotment procedure could spell death to the industrial sector in Jammu and Kashmir.

“The government was supposed to provide employment to tens of thousands of people and provide them with industrial units for free possession of their land, but now they are going to take back the land from us,” said a worried Mahajan.

“It takes at least 20 years to break even and start making a profit in the industry. If the new lease is granted for a maximum period of 40 years, the factories may come to a standstill and reduce their losses,” he said and sought clarification from the government.

The Dispatch Addressed to a retired IAS officer, Bashir Ahmad RunyalEx-Chairman/Secretary, Revenue Department Expert Comments.

Runyal said industrialists’ fears about the existing additional leases were unfounded as they were not issued under the repealed Land Grant Regulations of 1960; However, the new industrial units may face difficulties if they fall under the land allotment regulations in 2022-2022.

“Industrial land is leased under the J&K Industrial Policy issued in 1995 and amended from time to time in 1998, 2004 and 2016, the latest being the J&K Industrial Land Allocation Policy-2021. Therefore, where these leases were legal and valid, they will not be affected by the 2022 new land allotment regulations,” Runyal said. The Dispatch.

However, Runyal reiterated Mahajan’s caution that industrialists have a lot to worry about if new industrial units are brought in under these rules, primarily due to the reduced lease period to 40 years.


J&K New Land Allotment Regulations: Applicable to tourism sector also; Old leases cancelled, new leases up to 40 years, online auction

In the Valley, The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Inc) held an interactive meeting on Thursday evening with various Trade Associations, Hoteliers, Restaurant owners and other stakeholders on the new Land Allotment Procedure.

In the meeting, the stakeholders expressed their concern over the order and discussed its negative impact on the livelihood and employment of the people of J&K.

Sheikh Ashiq AhmadPresident KCC&I said that he will take up the matter with the Government at the highest level.

Former Industries and Commerce Minister and senior BJP leader Surjit Singh Salathia Industries are the mainstay of J&K’s economy and the government will not do any harm to industries in Jammu and Kashmir, Dispatch was told.

While Lt Governor Manoj Sinha hailed the new land grant rules as progressive and aimed at “making things easier for the average citizen”, political parties in J&K, apart from the BJP, have criticized the new rules.

Vice President of the National Assembly Omar Abdullah The rule was called “very unfortunate” and a ploy to drive locals out of their rental properties and bring in outsiders.

“The purpose of resettlement is only to bring in people from outside. People living here have the highest right to land. First, give the land to the people who reside here, who are living here and who have led the institution during difficult times,” said the former prime minister.

These people have managed to keep these institutions, structures and enterprises alive during difficult times, so they should be given the opportunity to renew their leases. Set the rate and tell them to give you the money.

“If you want to bring in new people from outside, do it, but do new projects for them. Identify new areas; there are a lot of places that can be put on the tourism map. There are many beautiful places that have not been developed, so give them; roads, hotels, to build a ski resort,” he said.

Chairman of the Democratic Party Mehbooba Mufti He said that the land owned by the local people is being taken away to be given to foreigners.

“China has attacked in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh and they not only grabbed the land but also killed our people, BJP will not respond to this but they want to oppress the people of J&K and take away our resources and land,” he said. .

He said the new rules contradicted NC founder and former prime minister Sheikh Abdullah’s “farmland” law.

“Now, people who have rented land, farmers, hoteliers and businessmen want to vacate their land and let the authorities do what they want. “I think this is the biggest fraud and deception against our citizens, who claim that they are an inseparable part of us, and then take away their land, and China has occupied our land and does not respond to it,” he said.

Former minister, former leader of the Democratic People’s Party Naim Akhtar He also approached the government about the new land grant procedure.

Responding to reports that BJP MP Maharaja Sanajaoba Leishembau had told the Rajya Sabha that India was losing land along the Manipur-Myanmar border because of faulty border pillars, Akhtar said, “No problem. We are compensating for this with a new land allotment procedure for JKs.”

Sajad Ghani GantzThe Speaker of the People’s Assembly said that the new Land Policy is not at par with other states and may start a dark chapter in Jammu and Kashmir and openly insult the residents of UT.

“The tenancy rules are very simple and similar across the world and in India, but they are different and not reflected in the new Land Policy,” Lone said.

“But these (procedures for allotment of new land) are different and there is no reason,” he added.

President of Apni Party Altaf Bukhari It described the “New Land Policy” as “cruel” and “totally inhumane” and said it would not be allowed to continue.

“These land laws are brutal. Nowhere in the world are people dispossessed,” Buhari told reporters.

He said that the landlords have mainly commercial premises and it is not their fault if the lease expires and is not renewed.

“These laws are unenforceable and cannot withstand legal scrutiny. It is really inhumane… Apni Party will not allow these draconian laws to be enforced,” he said.

Responding to the criticism, J&K BJP spokesperson Altaf Thakur said, “NC vice president Omar Abdullah and PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti are opposing this move as they cannot please ‘blue-eyed people’, relatives, cronies and others.” . can fill their coffers. Genuine people, including the youth, will benefit from land rent. There is no room for treacherous politics.”


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