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New Delhi [India]December 17 (ANI): Delhi Governor V.K. Saxena Najafgarh appealed to the people living in colonies/settlements along the banks of the drains not to throw their garbage directly into the drains or on the banks.

LG Saxena emphasized that people should own their precious heritage and keep it clean at a time when Najafgarh drainage restoration and Sahibi River restoration work has started.

While inspecting the stretch between Mall Road Bridge and Bharat Nagar, LG appreciated the work done so far and noticed fresh garbage dumped on the bank which had already been cleaned and renovated.

According to a Raj Niwas statement, in the first phase, 57 km of drains will be cleaned and rehabilitated using cost-effective partial gravity drainage technology, and 32 drains will be blocked to carry sewage and sludge into the sewage system. Between Timarpur and Bharat Nagar, even the mouth of the drain was started in September and started showing definite results.

The siltation and rehabilitation of the embankment from Wazirabad to Timarpur will be completed by the end of November, while the 7.5-km stretch between Mall Road Bridge and Bharat Nagar, which is expected to be completed by mid-January 2023, is under way. working in full sincerity and ahead of schedule, the statement said.

In terms of flowing water, visible improvements and changes, absence of deep-seated silt, repaired and renewed dams and drains that used to flow directly into the Najafgarh drains, Raj Niwas said.

Many people living in the coastal colonies and communities where the drains have been cleaned have written to the LG Secretariat expressing their satisfaction with the initiative and expressed their desire to actively cooperate in rejuvenating the drains. Najafgarh Drainage / Sahibi River.

It is to be noted that decades of neglect and apathy of government departments and agencies have turned this thriving and precious living water into a stinking drain, contributing the most to Yamuna’s pollution as well as a constant health hazard. people in the vicinity as well as standing water in their catchment areas due to their inability to transport water.

The drain has become a silt sewer with more than 80 million tons of underwater hardened waste and silt, and a nearly stagnant pool of silt, seriously affecting its flow and bearing capacity. As a result of the efforts made in the past two months, more than 50,000 tons of silt have been removed and the water body is being completely desilted within a certain period of time.

In addition, 27,000 tons of surface garbage/sludge accumulated mainly outside the drainage pipe was removed and placed on the shore. This, in turn, has temporarily breached and raised its boundaries to reach the MCD immediate, in some places, even impassable dams.

The 57 km long drainage system has 122 canals that discharge sewage. This makes the Najafgarh Drain the biggest polluter of the Yamuna River. (ANI)

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