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New Delhi: To boost the city’s commerce and nightlife, Delhi Mayor V.K. Saxena on Wednesday allowed cafes and restaurants at Qutab Golf Course, Bhalswa Golf Course and Siri Fort Sports Complex to remain open till 1 am. Of these, the Delhi Development Authority oversees.

Currently, restaurants and bars in the Siri Fort complex are allowed to open until 11 p.m. Every day thousands of people have access to sports.

“This is a gift to the citizens of the city for the festival and the upcoming New Year. Starting today, metropolitans will be able to make the night life richer in these best places. This decision will lead to increased economic activity and increased revenue,” officials said.

To simplify and facilitate licensing requirements for restaurants and eateries LG It also established a high-powered committee tasked with reviewing existing regulations and recommending ways to speed up the licensing process.

“With the order issued in this regard, the WBG instructed the relevant institutions to maintain the security, lighting and parking of the three complexes at an appropriate level,” the officials said.

LG has been continuously pushing for Delhi to have a nightlife that can compete with other major cities and national capitals, officials said.

About 150 eateries/restaurants have been granted permission by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) for alfresco, terrace and outdoor dining in various parts of Delhi. In October this year, the LG granted permits for 314 commercial businesses to operate around the clock, including business process outsourcing (BPO) centers, logistics, transportation and travel services, and online food and medicine delivery services.


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