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NEW DELHI: The rift between the elected government and the Lt Governor intensified on Friday, with Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia lashing out at LG V.K. Saxena was accused of bypassing the Council of Ministers in violation of the law and Supreme Court order.
In a six-page letter to Saxena, Sisodia said the LG’s office had directly summoned files from the secretaries of various departments of the Delhi government and approved the notification “completely bypassing” the concerned minister and the Delhi Cabinet.
The letter came after Saxena approved the Right-of-Way Policy after directly submitting the file to the chief secretary, which he believes has been stalled since 2020 due to the AAN government’s “senseless and persistent politicization”. and his ministers.
Earlier this week, the LG exercised its power to withdraw files under Section 19(5) of the Delhi Government Business Transactions Rules, 1993, and approved the felling and transplanting of trees for road construction in 11 infrastructure projects. , he said, stuck for up to three years.
Sisodia called on Saxena to follow the law, citing Section 239AA of the Government of NCT of Delhi Act, 1991 and the Supreme Court’s 2018 judgment on devolution of powers between the five-judge bench and the elected. .
He said that it is important for all constitutional officials to work in close coordination with each other, to avoid “argument and embarrassment” and to serve the “best” interests of the people. “Therefore, I request you to reconsider the advisability of taking the steps you believe to have been put in motion to avoid avoidable disputes and inconveniences which are not in your interest and take necessary corrective measures without delay. The presence of NCT of Delhi sitters,” Sisodia’s letter said.
The working relationship between the AAP government and the LG has been uneasy since Saxena took over in May. The LG accused AAP ministers of “violating” norms and “deliberately delaying” important policy decisions while taking various policy decisions, while the state government accused Saxena of overstepping her authority and “interfering” with Delhi’s constitution.
Sisodia said it was a “good legal position” that Delhi’s elected government was responsible for all legislative and executive decisions except for three resources: public order, police and land. He further said that the LG has discretionary powers only in matters beyond the jurisdiction of the Legislative Assembly.
No immediate response from LG office.

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