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NEW DELHI: Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Saturday appealed to the Lt Governor as the contracts of agencies providing free laboratory services in government hospitals and Mohalla clinics are expiring soon. V.K. Saxena to authorize the extension of the contract.
In a letter to Saxena, Sisodia said the Delhi government had completed all the formalities for signing the agreement earlier this month and had sent the file to the LG secretariat. “This file was sent to you on December 12, 2022 to decide whether to reject the decision of the government and refer the matter to the President in accordance with Article 239AA(4). I request you to resolve the matter as soon as possible so that the work of the new service provider can be started,” the deputy minister’s letter said.
He said the contract for providing laboratory services to Delhi government hospitals and Mohalla hospitals ends on December 31 and the new service provider needs to be signed immediately so that they can start working from January 1. If there is a gap, it is the people,” said health director Sisodia.
There was no immediate response from LG’s office.
This was Sisodia’s second letter to the LG in as many days. In a six-page letter to Deputy Chief Minister Saxena on Friday, the LG’s office said it was “approaching” the Council of Ministers and calling files directly from secretaries in various departments of the Delhi government. He cited various provisions in the Constitution, the Government of NCT of Delhi Act, 1991, the Transactions of Business Rules, 1993 and the 2018 Supreme Court judgment on the separation of powers between the elected government and the National Assembly.
In his letter written on Saturday, the Deputy Prime Minister referred to the 2018 decision of the 5-judge Parliament Constitutional Court and the provisions of the Constitution, emphasizing that the Cabinet of Ministers should work with the help and advice of the Council of Ministers. headed by the prime minister except in “extraordinary” circumstances.
Earlier this month, the LG had sent its recommendation for the removal of Jasmin Shah, deputy chairman of the Dialogue and Development Commission, alleging that he was violating the law by representing the Aam Aadmi Party on a political platform.
In his letter, Sisodia said, in his opinion, the issue of awarding laboratory services is not a rare case that should be referred to the President. “Time is very short, so I would be grateful if you could take an urgent decision on this matter,” said the deputy minister.

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