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The new Mac Pro could be smaller than the last Intel.

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It looks like the Apple Silicon Mac Pro and the Apple Music Classical app will miss the 2022 deadline, but we’ve had other great releases this year. We talk about all of them on the AppleInsider podcast.

Yes, yes, Apple Silicon is an amazing leap forward for the Mac, but Apple promised a new Mac Pro two years after WWDC 2020, so it’s completely off the table. And it directly promised an Apple Music Classical app by the end of 2023, so it almost failed there, too.

You can run them, though. Every other part of the Mac lineup has been pretty brilliantly revolutionized — and some of them twice. In addition, we had the surprise of Mac Studio, the most named or the ugliest new Mac that we did not expect.

Additionally, Apple Music Classical fans will be delighted to have the Apple Music Sing karaoke feature to keep them going for a while.

In all seriousness, 2022 saw some huge apps and especially big updates to old favorites. It’s time to celebrate the tools we’ve all come to rely on and enjoy over the past year.

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