Debina Bonnerjee shares pic of daughter’s ear piercing; what is the ideal age to get a baby’s ears pierced?

Debina Bonnerjee, who gave birth to daughter Lianna in April this year, keeps her fans updated with tidbits of her motherhood journey. From her difficult IVF journey to the first time her daughter tasted solid food — the actor regularly shares insights from her life. As such, she recently took to Instagram to share a series of pictures in which the little one can be seen wearing her first earring.

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“This is how my Lau is looking after her ear piercing wearing her first earring,” the actor, who is expecting her second baby with husband Gurmeet Choudhary, captioned the post. Take a look.

Ear piercing, which is now also a fashion statement, has been a part of ritualistic and cultural traditions, for centuries. But, piercing your baby’s ears may also expose them to a number of risks, Dr Bilal Khan, Consultant, Pediatrics, Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Gurugram said, sharing the right time to get your newborn’s ears pierced.

“There is a risk of infection whenever you puncture your baby’s ears because your baby’s immune system is still developing and, thus, it is best to wait a little longer,” he said, adding that it is a good idea for parents to wait until their baby has received their tetanus vaccine. “Wait at least six months before piercing your baby’s ears.”

Piercing your baby’s ears at a very young age – before he/she is three months old – may expose them to several risks. “If you pierced a baby too early (or a child under three months old) and they develop an infection with a fever, they would need to be admitted to the hospital. Thus, it is safe to wait a bit longer to avoid this.”

According to Dr Manish Mannan, HOD- Pediatrics and Neonatology, Paras Hospitals Gurugram, parents should wait for at least a year. “At an early age, they are quite hassled with irritation and constantly keep touching the hole and playing with the earring which invites the chances of infection. It becomes difficult for them to fight it due to less immunity,” he said.

Additionally, Dr Mannan suggested some preventive tips to prevent the risk of infection. “If not taken proper care of, it can do a lot of damage. The traditional methods of ear piercing can be unhygienic and should be avoided for the kid. Simply don’t go for anything that can lead to an infection. In such cases, we have to recommend applying antibiotics or having an oral antibiotic to not let the infection spread. The child should be happy and not constantly touching the neem stick or gold earring wanting to take it out of the ear,” he said.

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