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new york–(Business Wire— D’Costa Partners (“DCP”), a strategic advisory and proxy fulfillment firm focused exclusively on registered funds (and Morrow Sodali, a global shareholder engagement advisory services firm), has officially changed its name to Morrow Sodali Funds. Solutions, effective immediately.

The new Morrow Sodali Fund Solutions brings deep experience in the three major US registered fund categories – mutual funds, ETFs and closed-end funds. This complements Morrow Sodali’s expertise in providing strategic advice and shareholder services to corporate clients. As a thought leader in fund management, Morrow Sodali Fund Solutions offers a unique analytical approach to provide clients with the best solutions. Moro Sodali’s DCP business and brand integration confirms the company’s mission to bring together all the knowledge, data, technology and resources clients need to effectively engage with stakeholders and maximize support for their businesses.

“DCP’s rebranding reflects a long-term partnership with Morrow Sodali and a shared vision to provide clients with the best strategic advice and shareholder services,” said Vincent D’Costa, CEO of Morrow Sodali Fund Solutions. He continued, “We grew our business on the understanding that asset managers and fund boards need an experienced advisor who understands the nuances of fund management and takes a rigorous analytical approach. At Morrow Sodali, we are fortunate to have professionals who hold themselves to the same high standards while serving like-minded corporations.

Steve Messinger, president of Morrow Sodali Fund Solutions, added, “The landscape of serving both funds and corporations will change dramatically over the next five years as technology democratizes and enables the process. Together, as Morrow Sodali, we will be in a stronger position to advise our fund clients and offer in-class solutions as a single entity.

Morro Sodali CEO Alvis Recchi added, “For clients, the addition of DCP to the Morro Sodali brand underscores our commitment to building on our global franchise as a key advisor to both corporations and funds. We are excited to pool our knowledge and continue to build together.

Sodali fund solutions for tomorrow

Morrow Sodali Fund Solutions (“MSFS”) is a leading provider of registered fund proxy solicitation and advisory services. MSFS brings over 35 years of expertise assisting mutual funds, ETFs and closed-end funds and their boards in all aspects of the stock meeting process. MSFS provides its clients with a proven shareholder analysis model that leverages their retail and institutional shareholder sourcing strategies. MSFS is a subsidiary of Morrow Sodali, a leading global consultancy providing comprehensive governance and shareholder services to corporate clients worldwide.

Sodali about tomorrow

Morrow Sodali is a global corporate advisory firm providing comprehensive advice and services to clients on corporate governance, ESG, sustainability, proxy solicitation, capital markets information, shareholder and bondholder engagement, M&A, activism and litigation.

With headquarters in New York and London and offices in the global capital markets, Morrow Sodali serves more than 1,000 clients in more than 80 countries. Clients include listed and private companies, mutual fund groups, stock exchanges and membership associations.

In the year Morro Sodali is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2022 and alternative asset company TPG has secured a majority investment from TPG’s growth, middle market and growth equity platform. This partnership significantly enhances the company’s mission.

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