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Dallas-based engineering firm Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. supported NASA in its successful 25.5-day mission to orbit the Moon.

The mission, Artemis I, was the first integrated test of a series of missions that would allow human exploration of the Moon and Mars. Jacobs was part of the team that recovered the Orion spacecraft from the Pacific Ocean on Sunday and helped in other ways to ensure its safe return.

A display of the Callisto payloads inside Orion, on the ninth day of flight.
A display of the Callisto payloads inside Orion, on the ninth day of flight. (NASA)

Steve Arnett, executive vice president and president of Critical Mission Solutions at Jacobs Engineering Group, said the Artemis I mission exceeded the firm’s expectations.

“With Orion’s successful voyage and safe return to Earth, this historic mission has paved the way for a new era of scientific discovery and human exploration of deep space,” Arnett said in a prepared statement. “Jacobs’ teams across multiple NASA centers, contracts and programs are committed to providing innovative solutions and technologies in support of NASA’s quest to advance science and inspire the next generation of space exploration through future Artemis missions.” “

At the Johnson Space Center in Houston, NASA and Jacobs worked together on a trajectory plan for Artemis I’s orbital flight path. This plan took Orion 268,563 miles from Earth and 40,000 nautical miles from the Moon. Jacobs engineers also developed and tested Orion’s parachute system, which slowed the spacecraft from 25,500 mph to 25 mph when it plunged into the Pacific Ocean.

Flight Day 11 is the day Orion's optical navigation camera was used to capture this lunar image...
Flight Day 11 is when Orion’s optical navigation camera was used to capture this lunar image as the spacecraft is in a distant retrograde orbit around the Moon. (NASA)

Jacobs has a team at Kennedy Space Center’s Thermal Protection Systems Facility that developed and manufactured thermal protection components to protect Orion from the intense temperatures upon re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere.

Jacobs supports development at several NASA centers, including flight components testing, structural testing and more. In 2021, Jacobs won a multi-award government contract for a multibillion-dollar budget, part of the General Services Administration Astro contract, which provides the Department of Defense with new operational technologies and solutions.

The Dallas firm is NASA’s largest service contractor, serving a range of projects ranging from aerospace capabilities to supporting government, military and commercial space companies. Jacobs has reported approximately $15 billion in annual revenue and approximately 60,000 employees.

Dallas-based engineering firm Jacobs secures multibillion-dollar government contract


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