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KARACHI: CCTV footage has emerged showing engineering student Bilal being brutally murdered by dacoits for resisting robbery in Karachi, ARY News reported on Thursday.

CCTV footage shows NED student Bilal sitting in a hotel near University Road with his friend when they were surrounded by two dacoits who tried to snatch his mobile phone at gunpoint.


Bilal, 21, resisted the robbery on the street, while the other dacoit fired at the engineering student. Bilal was hit by one bullet in the chest and the other in the leg. The dacoits immediately fled from the crime scene.

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A budding engineer was killed by criminals near NED University in Karachi after he resisted a robbery attempt.

As per details, Bilal, a 21-year-old engineering student, was killed by street criminals who wanted to rob him of his cell phone and other belongings, but as the youth tried to resist the robbery, the robbers shot him. Due to which he died on the spot. ,

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Bilal tried to kill the robbers with a chair as he was at a tea stall near the university with his friends.

The victim was a final year student pursuing petroleum engineering at NED University of Engineering and Technology.

According to police officials, the robbers shot Bilal twice in the chest and one in the leg. Bullet shells have also been found at the scene of the incident.



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