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In pursuance of the amended provisions of the Engineers (Registration etc.) Act CAP E11 2004, the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) has issued the Rules of Practice for Engineers.

In a statement issued by the president of the council, Angie Ali Rabieu, he said that COREN through curriculum review has ensured the deployment of more effective strategies to guarantee best practices among various professionals in engineering as Nigerian engineering programs move from traditional are being transferred. Inputs for outcome-based education (OBE) aimed at enhancing the competency level of physicians.

He added, “Successful investigation and/or reprimand/prosecution of errant engineering practitioners relating to the collapse of buildings and miscellaneous offenses involving the construction industry in Nigeria.

“Introduction of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) as an essential requirement for procurement of practice licence, a quality control mechanism to ensure that practice license is issued to only competent practitioners with effective implementation date from January, 2023 goes.

This is in pursuance of the Koren Amended Act which has made practicing license mandatory for all engineering professionals and firms.

“Some significant indigenous engineering regulations, codes and standards have been developed to ensure operational excellence in engineering, some of which have recently been gazetted to regulate engineering practice in Nigeria.

“CORON Engineering Practitioners Code of Conduct, Regulations on Accreditation of Engineering Programs in Nigeria, Regulations on Structural Engineering Practice in Nigeria, Regulations for the Establishment of the Engineering Practitioners Examination Committee; Regulations for Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture and Marine Surveying Practice in Nigeria; Building /Work has begun on developing national construction safety standards for Nigeria in the field of civil infrastructure.

“The Engineering Practitioners Examination Committee has been set up for the immediate implementation of a coherent professional registration scheme that would be beneficial to all stakeholders in engineering,” he said.


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