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The year 2022 is almost coming to an end with only a few days to go. It was full of uncertainties that were difficult to measure in 2021. The Ukraine-Russia war was probably the most unexpected event of the year for global markets that severely disrupted global supply chains that were recovering from the shock of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Central banks around the world shifted their stance toward aggressive interest rate hikes as the world struggled to cope with rising inflation that pressured equity markets as debt instruments began to look more lucrative.

Despite a turbulent year for equity markets, some stocks have proven to be good wealth creators, while others have proven to be wealth destroyers. Here’s a look at the 3 biggest gainers and losers of the last year from the small, mid and large space, as of December 23, 2022.

Large Caps – Nifty 50 Index

From the featured index, the top performer was Adani Enterprises Ltd (NS: ) which has more than doubled in the last one year, delivering a dream return 117.2%. This isn’t just the first year, the stock has turned out to be a goldmine for investors as the return over the past 5 years is a whopping 2,131.7%. In fact, the stock is also the most expensive in the Nifti 50 list, with a P/E ratio of 567.91, compared to the Nifti 50 P/E ratio of 3.5.

Image caption: 1-year chart of Adani Enterprises (blue), ITC (purple) and Mahindra and Mahindra (red)

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The runner-up is quite a surprise. It’s the ‘meme stock’ of ITC Ltd ( NS: ), which is generally trolled by market participants for not moving an inch. It is one of the most stable large caps in the market and despite this, ITC has created a sensation this year, delivering a one-year return 50.35%.

The third place was secured by the auto giant Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (NS:). Although the stock turned completely sideways in the last 5 months of the year, the gains in the first 7 helped it cheer investors with a healthy return of 48.1%. It significantly outperformed the Nifty auto index, which rose by 15.2% in the same period.

On the downside, Wipro Ltd ( NS: ) remained the worst-performing index, which isn’t all that surprising given the tough times for IT stocks. The IT index itself has fallen 25.1% over the past year, with Wipro underperforming with a 45.6% fall. The stock is still hovering near its 52-week low.

Image caption: 1-year chart of Wipro (green), Tech Mahindra (blue) and Divi’s Laboratories (pink)

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The second biggest loser is also from the IT space, Tech Mahindra Ltd (NS: ). Investors were taken aback this year as a stock 38.9% over a 1-year period, but on its positive side, the stock’s dividend yield rose to 4%, which isn’t bad for a blue chip.

The biggest high-value loser was pharmaceutical company Divi’s Laboratories Ltd. (NS:). Since October of last year, the stock has been falling steadily, making lower lows and lower highs, eventually delivering a one-year return of -21.8%which is quite a bit better than the first two pairs.

Mid Caps – Nifty Midcap 100 Index

The mid-level space was full of action this year. Since , only one stock has given triple digit returns and that is Varun Beverages Ltd (NS: ) which is the bottler for PepsiCo (NASDAQ: ) in India. The stock has given a huge one-year return of 127.3% and the last 5-year return is also a staggering 647%. In fact, its market capitalization has skyrocketed to INR 89,673 crore, which was less than half of what it was a year ago, essentially making it a large cap now.

The next best mid-cap performer was Indian Bank ( NS: ). Stocks went nowhere in the first half of the year, but as the buying frenzy began to flood PSU banks in the second half, most of them rallied to multi-year highs. The Indian bank has secured the second spot in the Nifti Midcap 100 index with a one-year gain of 91.9%.

Image caption: 1-year chart of Varun Beverages (yellow), Indian Bank (red) and Indian Hotels Company (blue)

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Indian Hotels Co. Ltd (NS: ) took third place as its shares led steady gains 66.1% in last year. Although the company has posted losses in the last two financial years, investors still show tremendous confidence in the stock.

Now coming to the wealth destroyers of this index (disregarding IPOs that have not completed a year of listing), on top is PB Fintech Ltd (NS: ), better known as Polici Bazar. From the listing, the action also lagged behind 55.1% in the last year, after a decent recovery from the all-time low marked last month.

Image caption: 1-year chart of Tata Teleservices Maharashtra (pink), Indian Power Exchange (green) and PB Fintech (blue)

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Next up is Indian Energy Exchange Ltd (NS:). The stock lured everyone on the street last year with its one-way growth, but peaked in October 2021, after which investors couldn’t cheer. In the last year, the share price of IEKS has increased 49% hit and on Friday, the stock fell to a new 52-week low.

The third biggest wealth destroyer from the Nifti Midcap 100 index was Tata Teleservices Maharashtra Ltd ( NS: ). Yes, the Tata Group company is on this list. While the stock has been severely torpedoed from its 52-week high of INR 290.15, losing over 71% of its value, the last one-year return was -46.1%which now makes it a small cap, with a market cap of INR 17,066 crores.

Small letters – 100 Index

The first from this list to start a bull party is Bharat Dynamics Ltd (NS:). Defense stocks remained flat in 2023, as the government began to put more emphasis on the defense sector following the war between Ukraine and Russia. The stock has more than doubled in the space of a year, delivering mouth-watering returns 112.4%.

Image Caption: 1 Year Chart of Bharat Dynamics (Sky Blue), Deepak Fertilizers and Petrochemicals Corp (Red) and Shree Renuka Sugars (Purple)

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To my surprise, the sugar stock secured the second spot here, which was Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd. (NS:). Stocks rose 76.8% in a year, however, the return just 3 days ago would be over 100%, all thanks to the market chaos this week.

Inventories from the chemicals and fertilizers space were rising through the roof a few weeks ago. The third best performer is from this space, Deepak Fertilizers and Petrochemicals Corp Ltd (NS: ) which jumped 72.5% in a year. This week alone the stock has cracked a whopping 22%, otherwise the returns would be noticeably better.

Now to the small caps that have been selling continuously for a year. The worst performer (excluding IPOs with less than a year of listing) was Brightcom Group Ltd (NS:). It is quite a volatile stock which has risen from ~ INR 4 to INR 121 in the second half of 2021. fell over 76% in the next one year, to INR 28.05.

Image caption: 1-year chart of Tanla Platforms (black), Brightcom Group (orange) and Metropolis Healthcare (pink)

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The next small cap is from the IT space, Tanla Platforms Ltd (NS:). The stock witnessed a sell-off as it fell from 2022 highs below 2,000 to a CMP of INR 656.45 and the stock’s last one-year performance rattled investors with a return of -65.4%.

The third stock that was under a strong bearish grip this year was diagnostics chain Metropolis Healthcare Ltd ( NS: ). Stocks that became investor favorites during the Covid-19 pandemic have faced a ruthless liquidation this year, bringing negative return of 59.2%.

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