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Chevron Lumus Global LLC (CLG) announced that Shandong Yulong Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has selected EST, which CLG has licensed, for a slurry residue hydrocarbon unit in Shandong Province, China.

Once completed, the unit will produce naphtha, diesel and vacuum gas oil, and with a capacity of 3 million tonnes per annum, it will be one of the largest units in the world.

By choosing EST technology and technical solutions, Yulong will be able to achieve the highest conversion from residues to distillate products, and supply the maximum amount of feedstock to its petrochemical production units. Yulong will be able to convert large amounts of high-sulfur residues into useful transportation fuels and petrochemical feedstocks, while removing sulfur and other contaminants.

The project scope includes technology licensing, engineering, proprietary reactor in-house and catalyst supply.

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