Chandler Jones breaks the arm of “Big Eyes” Mack Jones with a blown pass against the Patriots | Jobs Vox


The relationship with the Joneses takes on a whole new meaning after Week 15.

Raiders defensive end Chandler Jones single-handedly gave the Raiders a miraculous win in Week 15 — he also literally single-handedly put Patriots quarterback Mack Jones on the turf for the game-sealing TD.

The fumbled sideline that led to the touchdown has already become the stuff of legend, and Jones’ explanation of what went wrong (or right) on that play could go down in NFL history. Chandler pitched the show to NBC’s Peter King:

Instead of chasing the ball, I just started playing and saying, OK, who’s the next passer? Who could throw it to the next one beyond the line of scrimmage? Because they play this whole hot game. Sure enough, I saw Jacoby Meyers look back at Mack Jones, the quarterback. He was standing in the middle of the field. I literally just jumped when I saw the ball coming, intended for Mac. Mack was somehow standing and looking at me with big eyes. I literally just jumped up and threw it. I just gave Mac a nice stiff arm with my right hand. The rest was history.

(Also, “Mack stood there staring at me with big eyes” is an all-time classic line.)

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The win should be good for the surging Raiders in many ways: Las Vegas kept their playoff hopes alive with the win, and Josh McDaniels and Chandler Jones both hit one against their former team.

Meanwhile, the Patriots take a big hit to their playoff chances, with a 27 percent chance in the dance, according to the New York Times.

If a strong arm has changed the fortunes of two teams, then maybe Mack Jones will stay the course if the situation arises again in the future.


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