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December 20, 2022

A capstone project concludes civil engineering education at Mizzou. These capstone projects allow students to apply what they’ve learned in their classes and work together in teams to study real-world challenges and make recommendations for those problems.

The experience gives students the practical preparation they need to succeed after graduation.

One of the capstone groups, All Things Civil, evaluated the US 63 and Route WW interchange in Columbia to recommend how that intersection should be restructured. The group looked for ways to improve congestion, capacity and safety while assessing environmental impact and cost estimates. They considered three alternatives to the current structure: the folded diamond with roundabouts, the diverging diamond, and an extension of the existing network.

In the end, All Things Civil decided that diverging diamond was the best course of action. This was the most cost-effective and had the least environmental impact, despite requiring a new bridge.

Roof risers assessed renovations and additions to Fulton High School, including 20 new classrooms, a gym and additional parking. The group evaluated material takeoffs, such as beams and columns, structural steel, rebar, siding and roofing, concrete, as well as excavation, utilities and paving. He also calculated the cost estimation, scheduling and risk management for the project. Overall, Roof Raiser concluded that the project would take more than a year.

Below are the complete capstone projects for the Fall 2022 semester. Take a moment to learn how civil and environmental engineers develop solutions to engineering problems.

Group: everything civil
Team Member: Joseph Beyer, Matthew Braden, Bill Faust III, Colin Walsh and Bryce Reynolds
purpose: US 63 and Route WW Interchange Study

Group: roofers
Team Member: Sotirios Korakis, Joe Bowers, Sully Walisch, Lauren Ferguson and Colin Leach
purpose: Fulton High School Renovations and Additions

Group: Skylark Engineering
Team Member: Seth Johanning, Alexandra Signor, Seth Mueller, Kay Kay Ang and Michael Weisinger
purpose: Develop an economical, buildable and cost-effective design concept of a pre-engineered metal building


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