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TORONTO, Dec. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Caldwell Investment Management Ltd., manager of the Caldwell US Dividend Advantage Fund (the “Fund”), has announced a special distribution to its actively managed ETF series of funds. (TSX symbol: UDA) For unit owners as described below.

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The special distribution is paid in cash and generally includes capital gains and/or any surplus net income at the end of the year. Investors who hold their ETF units outside registered schemes will have taxable amounts to report and their adjusted investment value will increase.

This is a special distribution amount which is payable and payable in addition to the regular monthly distribution previously announced in respect of the Fund this year.

ETF Series unitholders also have the option to participate in the Fund’s Distribution Reinvestment Plan (“DRIP”), which allows investors to automatically reinvest distributions and realize the benefits of compounded growth. Unitholders can enroll in the DRIP program by contacting their investment advisor.

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The Caldwell US Dividend Advantage Fund (ETF Series of Caldwell US Dividend Advantage Fund) trades on the TSX under the symbol UDA.

For more information, please visit our website at or contact us at 416-593-1798 or 1-800-256-2441.

The fund was initially offered to the public as a closed-end investment (May 28, 2015) and was converted to an open-end mutual fund effective November 15, 2018, with all outstanding units designated as Series F units. Had the Fund been subject to the same investment restrictions and practices as existing open-end mutual funds, the Fund’s performance prior to the conversion date would have been different. In addition, the fund reduced management fees by 1% (as of October 17, 2019) to 1.75% for Series A units and 0.75% for Series F units.
Investors are encouraged to consult with a financial advisor and carefully review the simplified prospectus and fund facts documents before making an investment decision about the Fund. Caldwell Investment Management Limited makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein. Certain statements herein contain forward-looking information based on certain historical information of the Fund and represent current expectations as of the date of this press release. Actual future results may differ materially due to, but not limited to, prevailing market conditions, the lack of assurance that capital gains will be realized and there can be no assurance that issuers held in the Portfolio will pay dividends or distributions on their securities. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses may all be associated with mutual fund investments. Mutual funds are not guaranteed; Their values ​​change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. Distribution fees should not be confused with a fund’s performance, income or dividend yield. If the distributions paid exceed the fund’s performance, your original investment will be reduced. Distributions paid on account of capital gains made by a fund and income and dividends earned by a fund are taxable in the year in which they are paid. Your adjusted cost base (“ACB”) will be reduced by any amount of return of capital and if your ACB falls below zero you will have to pay capital gains tax on the amount below zero.


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